Xbox Club and PlayStation Community

Article by Maserati

EdgeGamers now has an online presence with Xbox Clubs and Playstation Communities. We can now take advantage of those console exclusive party matching systems and organize groups for multiplayer games. At first, we look to support cross-platform games such as Rocket League, which allows gamers from PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 to game together.

Members are welcomed to create a LFG (Looking for Group) post in Clubs/Communities to get friends together for other games such as Overwatch, For Honor, Planetside 2, Smite, Grand Theft Auto V, Ark or Paragon, to name a few.

If interested, Xbox users may simply start the Xbox App from Windows 10 or launch “Social” from an Xbox One. Look for us under “EdgeGamers”

If you’re rocking a PlayStation 4, we invite you to head to “Communities” on your console and search for “EdgeGamers”. We are listed as “=(eGO)= EdgeGamers Organization”.

Google Play and iPhone App Store have a free app for accessing the group for both Xbox and PlayStation. Each of the apps have the same accessibility for adding a post, messaging friends and schedule/organizing a time to meet up and play games.

Part of EGO’s mission is to continue expanding and being the perfect place to make friends and game. With these two new additions we hope to have events and focus on building a network with other potential new members. There is also the possibility to consider competitive leagues such as ESL (E-Sports League) that often include console gamers.

We encourage you to check us out in our two new social ventures and of course invite your friends to join!