Minecraft Economy

Minecraft Economy


We provide a money economy that is player driven and is a
prominent feature of the Survival gameplay. We also host a Townworld to
support the economy! You can own a shop and sell items, you can own a
mailbox and give mail to others, and lastly, you can visit the Exchange
to earn money and prizes for playing in the server, voting for our
server, and attending our daily events!

Currencies: Units

Units is our money currency! You can earn units at the
exchange in Townworld by selling various blocks pertaining to mining,
shoveling, and woodcutting!

    • Use your Units to buy and trade with players and shops.
    • You can buy your own shop, claimblocks, and more!



    Implies a parameter

/money or /bal

    See how much money you have

/pay [name] [amount]

    Send money to another player


Earn Bedrock by voting for our Server! Earn 1 Bedrock per Vote!

You can trade Bedrock for prizes at the Exchange in Townworld!

Click here to start voting!

Dragon Eggs

Earn Dragon Eggs by attending our event nights and winning!

You can trade Dragon Eggs for prizes at the Exchange in Townworld!

Click here to see the weekly schedule!


Townworld is accessible from the Survival portal room.

Type: /Warp Survival

    Townworld is the economic center for the survial worlds.
    Here you can find a few features:

    • Admin Exchange
    • The Mail Room
    • And many player owned shops!

Voting Rewards

Vote for our server and earn Bedrock! You can trade your bedrock to earn items such as:

    • The Lobster Trap
    • Backpacks
    • Mob Spawners
    • Mob Eggs
    • Horse Armor

You can also repair your tools at the Exchange for 5 Bedrock per tool!

Event Rewards

Earn Dragon Eggs at events! You can trade your dragon eggs to earn items such as:

    • Leadership Tools and Armor
    • Enchanged Weapons
    • Beacons
    • Wither Skulls


Own a mailbox! Gift players, or write them a letter!

Contact JadeofallTrades if you are interested in owning a mailbox.

If you participate in events, we recommend you own a mailbox.

Player Owned Shops

All players may own 1 shop.

Costs are the following per plot to rent:

    • Large Plots = $175 every 30 days
    • Small Stalls = $50 every 30 days

Note: 3 chest blocks max per small stall


We currently have 1 plugin that allows you to use signs in your shop to buy and sell items

See link to learn how to sell items! ChestShop

Use Units to buy and sell!

ChestShop Commands


    Implies a parameter


    Enter buy mode, right click on a property sign to buy

/buyregion renew [region]

    Renew rental of [region], so pay rent

/buyregion autorenew

    Check auto-renew status

/buyregion autorenew [true/false]

    Toggle auto-renew status

Shop Advertisement and Buy Requests

Please feel free to advertise your shop in this thread, or advertise that you are buying items, with a few restrictions:

    • Please keep advertisements brief, 1-2 paragraphs and maybe a reasonably sized picture.
    • You must wait at least 2 weeks after posting in this thread before posting again.
    • Do not post unless it is for your shop, and/or for you buying items.
    • Do not post in this thread to respond to advertisments.

Economy Questions, Concerns, and ect.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or want to know more about our economy you can ask players or admins in-game.

If you need to bring something up to leadership, please make a thead in the Dropbox and we will look into it!.