Policy 106 – Police Vehicles / Driving

Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department
Standard Operating Procedures

Sheriff Michael McCarthy | Undersheriff Tyler Stock | Assistant Sheriff Cowboy Tram

Policy 106 – Police Vehicles / Driving

Deputies must uphold the traffic laws at all times unless responding to an emergency situation (most traffic laws still must be followed with the exceptions of speed and traffic lights).

1. Traffic Lights – When referring to traffic lights, Deputies should never use their lights and sirens to get through an intersection when there is no emergency or when they are not responding to a call. The following times are when Deputies are authorized to use their lights and sirens to go through an intersection:

  • Responding code 3 to a call or emergency.
  • Responding code 2 to a call or emergency.
  • Transporting a suspect to the station (should do this only when there is a lot going on, transporting out of a high priority situation, or when the destination is a fair distance away).

2. Repairing Vehicles – In accordance with server rules, Deputies should never repair their vehicle using the F7 menu while in an active roleplay scenario. This could be a bank robbery, pursuit, or a general call of service. In those situations, Deputies must use repair kits that are supplied by Department Administration.

  • If you are responding to a call and an AI causes an accident, it is Deputy discretion of whether or not to roleplay out an accident. If not, a Deputy use the F7 menu or a repair kit (their choice) to repair their vehicle.

Last Updated: 12/23/2017
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