Policy 104 – Radio Traffic

Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department
Standard Operating Procedures

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Policy 104 – Radio Traffic

Our department’s most important tool is our radio as it keeps our Deputies in the know about what others are doing. In addition, Deputies use the radio to call for assistance when in situations where they feel they are in danger. In order to keep our radio traffic as clean as possible, Deputies should obey the following radio standards:

1. The radio should only be used to update your status (whether it be announcing a traffic stop, you going in or out of service, the fact you are responding to a call, etc), to request a direct contact with another Deputy, or to briefly announce a server concern (no more than 10-15 seconds of radio traffic).

2. As mentioned previously in the Standard Operating Procedures, Deputies should calmly and quickly request a staff member or switch to their channel. NEVER clog the radio with issues regarding a rule breaker.

3. Do not clog the radio with chatter about a technical situation on the server. Take it to a staff member or report it on the Discord.

4. Keep radio traffic short and simple as much as possible. Broadcast the information you find important about your situation but do not tell your life story.

5. You shouldn’t announce the reason you are performing a traffic stop on someone unless it is a priority situation where additional units are required. For example, if you are stopping a player for running a red light, you shouldn’t announce that you are pulling the person over for a red light violation.

6. When calling into Dispatch or over the radio, you should make it known what unit you are by simply doing the following “Dispatch, 101…..” You should not say things like “This is 101” or “Dispatch, Unit 101” as they are unnecessary. When calling to other units, you do the same but instead of Dispatch, you say their unit number. For example: “102, 101”

Doubling Up and Call Signs – When you are riding a two car, the unit number for the car becomes the person who is riding in the passenger seat (who is typically manning the radio). Rank does not make any difference. Even if 1A-1 is in the driver seat and a recruit is in the passenger seat, the recruit’s call sign is used.

Clearly communicating information about a call is key to busting people later if we don’t do it then. Say several units roll up on a call and are gunned down. When these units rolled up they did not transmit any scene evaluation (vehicles around, criminal count from what they could tell, other important information, etc.). Now nobody will now what vehicles or clothing to look out for because no one passed on descriptions. Make sure to radio descriptions of vehicles and take notes of plates and other things around you. We can always roleplay that we referenced to dispatch logs to gather cases on people. If you fail to gather and radio descriptions, investigations will be pointless.

Not only is clearly communicating key for investigations but also for officer safety! If you are calling for back up, you must must must must must must (did I say must) include your location! If you fail to provide a location officers will be tied up trying to figure out to respond. This includes pursuits as well!

Last Updated: 12/23/2017
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