Policy 103 – General

Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department
Standard Operating Procedures

Sheriff Michael McCarthy | Undersheriff Tyler Stock | Assistant Sheriff Cowboy Tram

Policy 103 – General

1. Coverage – The LSSO works hard to make sure there is enough coverage within the area that we provide services for. To coverage, it is required that Deputies provide adequate support when going in-game. This is done by the following standards set in place by the LSSD Command Staff:

  • If there are less than 4 Deputies online at a time, any trained Deputies MUST go on duty as a law enforcement officer (unless authorized by a Lieutenant and up to go as a civilian).
  • There should be no more than 8-9 Deputies patrolling at one time. This allows the LSFD to have a decent amount of staff on and still have a fair emergency responder to civilian ratio. If you are in game and notice that there are already 7 or 8 Deputies online, go as a civilian until another Deputy goes off duty. In addition, follow the expectations set for Deputies in this SOP in regards to going as a civilian.
  • If there are any concerns regarding the amount of Deputies or Emergency Responders online at a certain time, please contact a Lieutenant +.

2. Civilian Guidelines – The LSSD sets high expectations for our Deputies when they are going civilian, regardless of if they are acting as an off-duty officer or if it is a completely separate character. It is at the discretion of a Deputy on what type of role they wish to have as a civilian. Deputies are to obey the following standards listed below and understand that disobeying them may result in a demotion or a complete termination from the Sheriff’s Office.

  • All Deputies must uphold the server rules listed on our website in addition to running /rules in the game (or visiting the website/discord).
  • Deputies should not cause a disruption on the server by actions they perform.
  • Deputies are expected to roleplay thoroughly and to do it in a matter that is realistic and that follows the server rules.
  • Deputies should rarely do priority situations where it results in a pursuit or officer-involved shooting. Having our Deputies do more civil calls allows us to balance the more troll-type behavior on our server.

3. On-Duty Tools Off Duty – Deputies SHOULD NEVER use their on-duty tools to do things off duty. Doing so may result in an immediate suspension or termination from the LSSD.

4. Out of Character Arguments – On and off-duty non-staff Deputies should never get into any type of argument with a player regarding the way a situation was handled by either party, especially out of character.

  • The only out of character thing Deputies should do is a simple warning to a player that what they are doing is not allowed and then report it to a staff member.
  • If a civilian initializes an out of character argument, simply tell them that it is not the time or place to do so and that if they have a concern about the way something was handled, they can go to our forums and fill out a complaint under the help tab. If they continue to argue, call for a staff member to come and help handle the situation. If a Deputy has a concern about the way a civilian handled themselves, they should either fill out a player report or a Dropbox (a more private option).
  • It is not a Deputy’s place (if they are non-staff) to threaten players with kicks and bans. Please call a staff member (eG+) if you are having an issue with a player in game.

5. Powergaming – Under no circumstance should a Deputy powergame. In the terms of EdgeGamers, powergaming means forcing a situation upon a player without giving them a chance to decide their side of the roleplay.

  • The most common example of this when it comes to the Sheriff’s Department is telling someone they have something (when they don’t actually have it) rather than asking them out of character what you would find. This provides an outcome usually in favor of the Deputy which is not fair to the civilian. Deputies must always allow civilians to make the ultimate decision of how they wish their roleplay to go. If there are any questions regarding this, please contact a supervisor.

6. Metagaming – Metagaming is using OOC knowledge in roleplay thoughts, actions, or behavior. Metagaming is also against server rules and Deputies should never do it.

  • A common example of metagaming is when you use the ID of a player to obtain their name w/o any prior knowledge of the player. For example, FrenchFries joins the server and has the id of 33, which displays above his head. An officer stops FrenchFries for running a red light and as the officer comes up, he says “Hello Mr. FrenchFries” after observing the player’s id. The officer did not obtain any information about the person and used an out of character method to do something in character. If there are any questions or concerns about metagaming, contact a supervisor.

7. Bank Robbery Procedures – Deputies will follow the guidelines below when handling bank robberies:

  • Deputies will respect the roleplay of the civilians inside, and use appropriate actions to combat the situation.
  • Deputies may use all of the tools available to the department (Bearcat, Air 1, Rifles, Shotguns, CS Gas, etc.) and accessible in the bank (CCTV, Silent Alarms,
    Building Security Systems, etc.) to end the robbery.
  • Downed or injured deputies will not be revived until the scene is deemed clear.
  • In the event all deputies are injured in the process of the robbery, civilians will be allowed to escape.
  • Deputies will be revived and placed Out of Service (unable to interact & respond to calls) until receiving medical attention and returning to the Sheriffs Barracks.

8. Killed on Scene Procedures – If killed on a scene (and no other officers are alive), you should wait at least half the respawn timer before picking yourself up. If the scene is a robbery, you must wait until the robbery is complete or canceled and wait a little longer before reviving in order to allow the civilians to flee. If your timer is running extremely low when the robbery is canceled, pick yourself up and do the sitting animation. DO NOT FIRE ANY WEAPONS OR USE YOUR RADIO (besides a brief 10-13 call)!

  • If there are still officers alive, they may roleplay picking you up but you MUST drive away to a hospital or station and you CAN NOT return to the call. Another option would be waiting until the call is code 4 and then picking you up. After you are picked up, you must visit a hospital and go to the station to “recover” for a few minutes.

9. Targeting a Player – Under no circumstances should a Deputy purposely follow, pull over, arrest, fine, etc a player just because of who they are. In addition, this is a decent form of metagaming which is against server rules. It is especially metagaming if the player has a different pair of clothes on and the vehicle they are driving is different. Remember that you don’t know who a player is until you receive their identification or if they match EXACTLY the description of the person you had before.

10. 10-13 / Panic Buttons / Officer Down – Assessing the situation and roleplaying injuries appropriately is required before initiating radio traffic or pressing a panic button. Officers who have minor injuries and can advise on the situation over the radio should do so appropriately without toting the line of metagaming or FailRP.

  • Officers who suffer from serious or critical injuries should not use the radio under any circumstances. The panic button can be activated by calling 10-13 followed by your location EXCLUSIVELY. No further contact should be made until a fellow officer or Medical Staff assess injuries and draws the proper roleplay conclusion to the scenario.
  • In addition to this, Deputies should break from any other calls to respond to assist the officer(s) in distress. Especially when in the area of the Deputy. Exceptions may be made when in a call that you can not break from.

11. Being Held Hostage and Backup Weapon Usage – There may be instances where you or another officer are held hostage as a roleplay scenario. It is important to understand the guidelines that are laid in place to help avoid issues down the road. Deputies understand the following procedures when being held hostage:

  • It is important to pay attention to what the civilian says or types in /me chat. Pay attention closely to what they say so you don’t get yourself in a bad situation.
  • Civilians should make it clear to what they take. For example, they should tell you that they take your pistol, radio, handcuffs, etc. They also MUST be specific. However, civilians may do a complete search of you and Deputies MUST tell the civ what they find (including your backup gun) and you are no longer allowed to use those items.
  • If you are handcuffed, you no longer have access to any tools to free yourself. By rule of thumb, when the civ takes your handcuffs, they also take your handcuff keys. DO NOT reach for your backup gun or any weapon, for that matter.
  • If the civilian does not specify that they have taken your backup gun, have not performed a complete pat down of you, and/or handcuffed you, you may use the SNS pistol in your weapon wheel to eliminate the threat.
  • You are NOT allowed to use your service weapon (Glock) as your backup gun under ANY circumstance. Using the SNS pistol specifically shows you are using your backup gun and will help deter issues.
  • Deputies who do not follow the procedures above may be subject to disciplinary actions from a demotion to a suspension from the Department.

12. Number of Units on a Call – At times, the Sheriff’s Office may be short-handed or even have a good amount of Deputies on at one time. It is important to allocate resources properly to certain calls to prevent calls from going unanswered or having too many units on scene.

  • “Priority 1 Calls” which include store robberies, shots fired, suicidal subject, hostage situation, etc, should have a max unit response of 5.
  • “Priority 2 Calls” such as fights, domestic disturbances, racing, stolen vehicle, suspicious vehicle, etc, should have a max unit response of 3.
  • “Priority 3 Calls” such as noise complaints, vandalism, welfare checks, trespassing, etc, should have a max unit response of 2.
  • Bank Robberies should have around 6 officers – 1 for negotiation/SWAT, at least 2 other SWAT officers, and 3 patrol for traffic and scene security.
  • Pursuits should not have more than 4 officers in it.
  • The only reason a call should go over the max unit response is if an Officer goes down.

13. Staying on Scene after a Shooting – It should be a standard practice that if investigations is online that we stay at the scene so investigations can perform an investigation, especially if all officers are downed. These investigations will allow us to gather information to build cases on the suspects involved in robberies and other calls where officers lost.

Also, if an investigations member requests that units stay on scene or question where units went, Deputies MUST do so/answer. Deputies who fail to do so will have a word with a superior later.

14. Tickets – When issuing tickets to players, they must pay the fines on the spot or else face a refusal to pay arrest. We should not let players wait to pay a ticket and potentially never pay it.

15. Confiscating Items – The LSSD expects Deputies to be cautious of what they are confiscating. Confiscating items from players and their vehicles that are legal or are on the list below not to be confiscated, may result in a disciplinary action. Further details on confiscating:

  • Deputies may confiscate illegal objects including weapons purchasable in the black market, dirty money, and drugs.
  • Deputies should not confiscate job items such as washed rocks, stone, gold, diamond, gas, wool, clothes, etc.
  • Deputies should not confiscate weapons purchasable in the ammunation unless it was confirmed to be used in the crime. (Weapons not used in the crime should remain with the player).
  • Deputies should not confiscate GPS’s, weapon permits, driver licenses, and driver permits due to server issues.
  • Deputies should only confiscate phones on the last resort.

Last Updated: 12/23/2017
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