Policy 101 – Legal

Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department
Standard Operating Procedures

Sheriff Michael McCarthy | Undersheriff Tyler Stock | Assistant Sheriff Cowboy Tram

Policy 101 – Legal

1. The LSSD highly encourages Deputies to read the Miranda rights to every person you arrest, however, the law only requires it when you wish to question a person. Again, we highly encourage you to read every person you arrest their rights in an attempt to protect ourselves against in-character legal issues (whether it be legit or not).

2. The LSSD and law require that a Deputy reads the suspect they are arresting their charges before they are booked into jail.

3. Any form of sexual harassment, whether in or out of character, will not be tolerated in the LSSD. Verified sexual harassment will result in a termination from the Department.

Last Updated: 12/23/2017
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