Minecraft Survival

Theta Survival

Our MC survival world. Explore, build, mine, and have fun!
Border: 16k diameter, square
There are no ores other than Emeralds in Theta

Theta Nether
Nether connected to Theta
Border: 4k diameter, square

Theta End
End connected to Theta
Border: 4k diameter, square
Dragon: Slain


If you need resources, our mineworld offers the best choice for obtaining bulk materials, without the worry for the environment! Reset bi-weekly!
Border: 4k diameter, square

Mineworld Nether
Need glowstone, quartz, or just treasure hunting, then hop on over to the minenether to grab all your nether needs! Reset monthly!Border: 2k diameter, square

All Worlds
PvP: Off by default
(Perform the </pvp on> command to pvp)
Bottle XP amount: 10XP (see command)

Mob XP: Mobs killed without player interaction will not drop items or XP.

Commands and Permissions*[brackets] implies a parameter[indent]

Default Rank
Common Commands
/rules – See server rules
/home [name] – Teleport to your home point
/sethome [name] – Set a home point (1 max for default)
/delhome [name] – Delete a home point
/spawn – Teleport to spawn
/back – Return to a location after a teleport, including death

General Commands
/compass – Tells the direction you are facing
/kit – See the list of kits you can spawn
/kit [name] – Give yourself kit “name”
/list – See list of players in-server
/me [msg] – emote, ex: /me thinks you’re awesome!
/msg [name] [msg] – Private message a player
/r [msg] – reply to your most recent pm
/ping – Server responds with Pong, helpful to use when lagging
/realname [nickname] – See the MC username of a nicknamed player
/near – Show nearby players

Current Lockable entities:
/cprivate – To lock a chest/door/etc so only you can use it
/cremove – Remove protection from a chest/door/etc
/cpersist – Bind a protection command, great for editing multiple lockable entities
/cmodify [name] – Edit a protection, can allow other players to access your locked entities (ex: /cmodify +name)
/cpublic – Create a public door/chest/etc which can’t be locked/broken by someone else

Common Commands
/sethome [name] – Create multiple homes (5 max per player)
/homes – Show list of your home points
/tpa [name] – Request to teleport to a player
/tpahere [name] – Request a player to teleport to you

You can read all about how to get involved in the survival economy here:

Survival Economy
Where can I build?
You can build anywhere in the survival worlds, so long as you do not interfere with another player’s property (15 block rule)