Minecraft Rules

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eGO Minecraft Server Rules:

*All eGO Server and Forum Code Of Conduct Apply

1. Do not spam chat

2. Do not build within 15 blocks of another person’s property

3. No trespassing of property

4. No stealing, griefing, or destruction of a players property

5. Texture packs and mods that give an unfair advantage are not permitted

6. Exploiting game mechanics or flaws are not permitted

7. Afking at mob farms or automatic farms is not allowed

7. Continuous mouse or keyboard inputs while AFK for the benefit of farming or grinding is not permitted

8. If a player has not logged onto the server in 30 days, Leadership may remove their property

9. Redstone must be triggered on or off, strobing redstone circuits are not permitted

Additional Information:

  • Griefers may have their inventory cleared
  • Permanently banned players property may be removed if the player does not contest in 7 days
  • Villages can be claimed by players
  • Fortresses can be claimed by players
  • If you run into someone’s mine/cave, just mine in another direction

Client Mods:

eGO Server and Forum Code Of Conduct:

1. No foul, degrading, or racist remarks

2. No inappropriate or disrespectful sprays or names

  • All sprays and avatar icons used on eGO servers should be PG-13 rated. No nudity is allowed. Final decisions on what is acceptable are left up to the admins in the server

3. No drug references in names, chat or sprays

4. No cheating, cheat scripts, barrier jumping, map exploits or hacks of any kind

5. No griefing

6. No “F10” or “Atl+F4” jokes

7. No advertising in servers

8. No names or sprays that advocate or oppose a political figure, political stance, religion or nation

9. No website URLs in names, sprays or avatars

10. No impersonating admins

11. No arguing with, or pestering admins in-server

12. Do not disrupt the server in any way

13. Although players in Battlefield games may use foul language similar to that which is coded into the game, eGO members may not use such language and no player will be allowed to use language in a disrespectful way

14. Admins have final say in server


  • =(e)=’s are our first line of defense on the servers. There are a lot of you out there and we encourage you to help out your fellow clan members even if they are higher ranked. However, helping out doesn’t necessarily mean warning people who break the rules or arguing with trouble-makers. If there is an admin in the server please leave all server situations to them. Feel free to use the admin chat command (u@) if you feel they may have missed something
  • Admins have the ability to use Admin Chat to chat between other admins and also to warn players when needed. So, just because you don’t see the admins responding to issues doesn’t mean they are ignoring it. A lot happens behind the scenes on a server that the public and =(e)=’s don’t necessarily realize.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about our rules, a disagreement with one of our admins, or a situation in our servers, please contact an Advisor via PM here on the website. You can find a list of Advisors for each division on the leadership roster.