Section 4 – Other Information

Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department
Standard Operating Procedures

Sheriff Michael McCarthy | Undersheriff Tyler Stock | Assistant Sheriff Cowboy Tram

Important Documents:

All of the links to the following mentioned documents can be found here.

Law Enforcement Database

The LSSD utilizes a database to keep track of arrests and tickets in the Department. All Deputies are REQUIRED to enter in arrests and tickets. In addition, we enter warrants and BOLOs into this database. Sergeants and up are the only Deputies authorized to enter warrants and BOLOs into the database in order to make sure that entries are appropriate. If a Supervisor is not available, notify one as soon as one becomes available. DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE OUTSIDE OF THE LSSD!

Leave of Absence Form

All Deputies who plan on being absence from patrolling for an extended amount of time (more than 3 days), should enter the Leave of Absence form in addition to notifying their appropriate supervisor.

Ten Codes/Phonetic Alphabet/Terms:

10-2: Sufficient
10-4: OK
10-6: Busy
10-7: Out of Service
10-8: In Service
10-9: Repeat
10-13: Emergency! Officer Down
10-19: Enroute
10-20: Location
10-22: Disregard
10-23: On Scene
10-41: On Duty
10-42: Off Duty
10-50: Motor Vehicle Accident
10-51: Requesting Tow Truck/Tow Truck
10-52: Requesting Ambulance/Ambulance
211 (In Progress): Robbery

Code 0 – Game Crash
Code 1 – Responding no lights or sirens, following traffic laws.
Code 2 – Responding with lights, sirens/horn through intersections, normal speed.
Code 3 – Responding with lights and sirens, escalated speed.
Code 4 – Scene Secure – No Additionals Needed.

Direct – Heading in a particular direction or at a particular person, until advised otherwise.

Understanding Jailing:

To jail a player, you use the following command:
/jail# id seconds charges

  • # signifies the cell the suspect will be put in. Cell 1 is the closest to the desk, 2 is in the middle and 3 is closest to the rear door. Deputies will start the command with /jail1, /jail2, /jail3 appropriately.
  • Id is their in game id that appears above their head.
  • Seconds is the amount of seconds you wish to jail someone for. Multiply the amount of minutes you wish to jail the suspect for by 60 to get the amount of seconds to jail the person for.
    It is at the discretion of the Deputy whether to strictly to follow the law book times. The Deputy can go lower than the times listed in the law book but not above unless authorized by a member of command staff.
  • Max time is 3600 seconds (1 hour).
  • Charges is a list of charges without any spaces. Spaces will cut off the rest of the charges.
    For example, if a suspect is being charged with Robbery, Attempted Murder of a LEO and Illegal Weapon Class 2, you’d type it in as such: “robbery,attemptedmurderofleo,illegalweaponclass2” or “robbery,attempted-murder-of-leo,illegal-weapon-class-2”

An example usage of the command for someone with id of 333 being jailed in cell 2 for 20 minutes for the charges listed above would be as such:
/jail2 333 1200 robbery,attempted-murder-of-leo,illegal-weapon-class-2

If a suspect is not uncuffed before they are jailed, they will not be able to move freely in their cells and when they get out, they will be stuck in front of the station, unable to move.

Also, if a player disconnects while in jail, when they rejoin, they will still be in jail and will continue their time where they left off.

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