Introduction to Roleplay

It is critical to understand what roleplay is and all the definitions included within it. Here are the most important definitions that you should understand when it comes to roleplay.

In Character (IC): In character stuff is anything about your player in game. This is your first name and last name in game, the story of your player, your job, the amount of money you have, etc. IC stuff also includes stuff your character is doing in game (for example: /me puts beer on ground).

Out of Character (OOC): This is information about the people who control the in game players or anything discussed out of game. Most OOC stuff includes support regarding server issues (complaints on players, bugs, etc). OOC also includes any information that the server provides without finding out yourself (for example if you have names above a player or blips on the map, that info would be OOC) None of this information should be used to influence your in character actions.

Metagaming (MG): Metagaming is using OOC information for in character stuff. Metagaming is a serious offense and is not tolerated.

Example: John meets Marcus, while John doesn’t know Marcus name. He looks above his head to a tag, reads it and says: “Hi, Marcus”. This is most common metagaming example. In Real Life there isn’t any tags above your head which would describe your name, but in GTA V there is.

A right way to get another person’s name is asking them. “Hi, what’s your name, I’m John!” Marcus replies: “Hey John, I’m Marcus, nice to meet you!” – Right way to get the name, without metagaming!

Powergaming (PG): Powergaming is roleplaying without giving someone any chances to resist or RP situations/actions that are NOT possible in real life.

An example would be you coming up to a player and doing “me grabs John Doe and ties his hands.” The issue here is that you did not give them a chance to resist. You may want to do “/me grabs John Doe” and then “/me begins to tie John Doe’s hands” followed by “*Am I successful?” This gives John Doe the opportunity to say whether he resisted or not. This is a very touchy subject so if you are ever concerned about a situation, the best idea is to record and file a player complaint.

Other powergaming examples would be pulling an AR15 out of your back pocket or continuing to drive your car after it rolled 5 times.

Random Deathmatch (RDM) and Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM): RDM means killing someone without any reason. Before killing someone, you should have initiated some sort of roleplay with them, whether it be an argument, a robbery, or if stopped by the police, acting agitated to seem sort of suspicious.

Once clearing a scene you may no longer re-inject yourself into that RP scenario. Players who re-inject themselves into an active roleplay scene, with few words or roleplay, may be subject to a RDM infraction if/when a player is downed or killed. If you choose to flee the scene you are expected to continue to remain at large.

Vehicle deathmatch is practically the same thing, just that you kill someone with a vehicle without reasoning or roleplay.

Just driving around shooting people or ramming people with your car without reasoning would be examples of RDM and VDM.

Revenge Killing (RK): Revenge Killing means that you kill someone because they killed you first.

It is recommended you wait around 15-30 minutes before engaging in another roleplay scenario with that person if you can avoid it.

New Life Rule (NLR): The New Life Rule has a variety of definitions and is applied differently throughout the roleplay world. The basic definition of NLR, which applies on the EGO server, is that if you are downed and respawn, you lose memory of the past 15 minutes including anything you saw or did and also who killed you. No player can be forced to have a completely new life by another player, which is powergaming. The player themselves make the final decision on whether or not to kill their character off.

The one thing that is different for EdgeGamers is that if you are downed at a roleplay scene involving the police (ie, the police kill you after you point a gun at them), you can not respawn or claim NLR. You will be picked up by EMS, or at the last resort, the police and will be taken to the hospital then jail. After jail, you may decide to kill your character off some how. The reason we take this standpoint is that people have used NLR to purely avoid jail time at all costs.

Copbaiting: Cop baiting is purposely doing something in front of the police to get their attention. This may be running a red light right in front of a cop at an intersection or shooting at the police randomly to get them to chase you.

In real life, would you run a red light at an intersection in real life when you know there is a cop around or do anything else to attract police attention when you are carrying illegal things on you?

Roleplay Tips and Tricks

Sometimes, roleplaying can be tricky, especially to those who have little experience in it. To help those who may be stuck or who run into issues with staff, we have come up with some important tips and tricks for you.

  • Value your life. In real life, you can not be magically picked up and go on your merry way. You may face situations in the server where you are at risk of being killed. Would you really want to be killed IRL just because you refused to give someone some money or follow some order? Your life is valuable and you shouldn’t do something dumb that would result in your death.
  • You can’t pull an AR from your pants but you can pull it from a bag. Wear a bag by putting it on through the /skin menu. Now you can pull an AR or a shotgun from the bag instead of having to run to your vehicle to get it. We still highly recommend you do “/me pulls weapon from bag” as it prevents any potential issues.
  • Building a character is critical. You should think out your character: Where were they born and what all have they done in their life? Are they violent or peaceful? Where do they stand on certain things like gangs, police, rights, etc. Use basic facts about your character to make decisions in game. For example, if you are a peaceful person, you wouldn’t go out and shoot people. You would approach them and try to calmly resolve the situation.
  • Don’t look for cop attention. Not only is doing things only to attract police copbaiting (which is against the rules), but it is not what roleplay is built around. Most people in real life, even criminals, do everything they can to prevent being stopped by the police (ESPECIALLY if they have something illegal on them). If you want some interactions with police, build up a roleplay situation where you do something and it requires calling them out. (For example, you may get into an argument with your friend that is becoming physical. You or someone else may call the police and this can result in a nice roleplay situation for both the civilians and police).
  • Robberies and drugs aren’t the only methods of income. Many people get on and immediately default to doing robberies and running drugs. We provide several jobs that you can sign up by simply visiting the job center (will be discussed more later) as well as several jobs that you can be whitelisted for (police, EMS, mechanics, and several more). You may roleplay being a miner for the majority of the time (like a job in real life), and go run weed here and there as a second method of income. If you do decide to rob banks and run drugs, think realistically. Would you rob a bank 2, 3, and maybe even 4 times in one day?

Last Modified December 27, 2017.
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