FiveM Server Rules

Server Rules

Server Staff & Rules Disclaimer
All EdgeGamers official rules apply on our FiveM server. Additionally, EdgeGamers Staff and Admins reserve the right to make the final call on all situations, disputes and reports. Their decision is final and should not be taken further in the FiveM server. Additional concerns should be brought to our official forums by means of Contact Leadership or our TeamSpeak server identifying an [eGO] [Manager] or [Sr. Manager].

Serious Roleplay Disclaimer
EdgeGamers FiveM server and the following rules lay out the expectations of a serious roleplay environment. While it is simple to roleplay a hardened criminal, all players should utilize words over bullets in all situations. Not every interaction shall start or end with violence. As a player you are expected to create a character that would have real life values and fears. Constantly creating shooting scenarios, disregarding law enforcement authority as in running or shooting at law enforcement or putting little effort forward into your character development is frowned upon. Additionally, this is expected for anyone in Law Enforcement and EMS as well. All parties, including those in whitelisted jobs, are expected to adhere and present a thought out professional front. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

Roleplaying Terms
FailRP – Short for Fail Roleplay. Players should not do things that are unrealistic or simply not feasible. Do not do things that you would not do in the real world.

Metagaming – Utilizing out of character knowledge for personal in character benefit or gain. This includes any knowledge gained from external programs such as Discord, TeamSpeak or Forums. Additionally, utilizing player unique identifiers or OOC chat for personal gain.

Powergaming – Forcing players into narrow scenarios by giving them no means to expand their personal play. Examples may be, but are not limited to – controlling aspects of the server not allowing others to roleplay in those locations, forcing players who you are robbing to give up and transfer all funds from their bank, closing all doors of roleplay by forcing your personal agenda.

New Life Rule (NLR) – If your player respawns you will have no recollection of the events leading up to your respawn. You must roleplay as if you sustained serious injury and have loss of memory. Players may not use NLR or respawn to escape Police custody. Players will be treated on scene or at the hospital and then will face the appropriate punishment in reference to their crime.

Permadeath – EdgeGamers FiveM server has no permadeath during active scenarios. Additionally, no player will be forced to kill their character by any other character unless prior agreed for roleplay purposes.

In Game / In Character Expectations

No “Low Effort” Roleplay
When participating in roleplay on our server, the situations you involve yourself in should have depth. At no point should you put little or low effort into your scenarios or responses as this will take away the experience from others. Players on our server should be about developing the best environment of roleplay possible. Instances and examples are laid out above under the “Serious Roleplay” expectation.

Additionally, players should not utilize communications such as Twitter as a primary means of communication as this requires little effort. Those players utilizing Twitter excessively or releasing information not privy to the general public over Twitter may be subject to disciplinary action.

Character Creations
While it is easy to create a hard nosed criminal character, your character should have long term growth. Your character should not join our server on creation and instantly be a millionaire crime lord. All characters should grow into their roles – initially starting off with little resources and knowledge of the city. Additionally, all players should find a balance between legal and illegal activities while building their character.

Disrespectful Roleplay Scenarios Not Permitted
In accordance of EdgeGamers official Code of Conduct, in character scenarios of rape, torture, racism, terrorism and suicide are not permitted.

Remain In Character – At All Times
Players MUST remain in character at all times while operating on the server. Voice chat, Twitter or any other in character means are expected to remain in character.

Robbing / Kidnapping of Emergency Services
These individuals are responsible for not only your roleplay, but the roleplay of other 31 players. By robbing or kidnapping these individuals you selfishly hold up all emergency service personnel taking away from the experience from others. For this reason, any kidnappings on emergency service personnel such as (but not restricted to) County Police, State Police, Los Santos Fire, Los Santos Paramedics, Department of Justice / Federal Patrol are not permitted. This may be excused if parties have agreed and GTA Leadership have approved.

Robbing / Kidnapping of the General Public
For the general public, string robbing players or camping locations to rob numerous players is not allowed, you must wait at least 1 hr before doing another. Refer to the Value of Life rule for more information on conduct when robbing or being robbed.

Random Deathmatch / Vehicle Deathmatch
Commonly referred to as RDM or VDM. Players are expected to engage in roleplay before shooting, killing, or using a vehicle as a weapon. Any injury or kill without roleplay leading up to it will be classified as a RDM or VDM offense and is highly punishable. Players may be subject to complete removal from the FiveM server after an RDM or VDM infraction.

Jobs & Official Job Activities
While operating an official job such as, but not limited to, Lumberjack, Chicken Processor, Oil Refiner, Miner, etc, you are expected to utilize the official vehicles corresponding with those jobs. Players shall not engage in these activities with their personal vehicles. It is not realistic to transport oil, lumber, chicken, or rocks in a non-commercial vehicle.

Operate Vehicles Responsibly
Vehicles should be operated responsibly and realistically. Vehicles should never be ramped off bridges or high inclines and expected to continue forward, they must be roleplayed as immobile. Additionally, vehicles which realistically can’t operate on major inclines or terrains shouldn’t. Finally, no vehicles should be operated inside of a building – keep them on the streets.

Greenzone & Nonviolent RP Locations
The following locations are off limits for violent altercations and criminal activity.
Police & Sheriff Stations, Sandy Shores Prison, Fire Stations, Hospitals, GRR Mechanic Shops, Car Dealership and Garage.
Characters can’t utilize Greenzones as an escape sanctuary. You may not intentionally go to a Greenzone to avoid any time of confrontation.

Value of Life
All characters must operate with some level of fear for their lives. While characters will never truly die, they must operate as if their character is subject to severe injury or possible loss of life during all scenarios. Characters who are held at gunpoint must take into consideration the possible repercussions, or possible loss of life, if they fight back. Characters are expected comply with reasonable demands. However, if an opportunity presents where the subject is no longer in immediate danger, they may fight back (IE: No longer have a gun pointed at them.) This applies to both civilians and Law Enforcement.

During robberies, there will be a “gentleman’s agreement” where the individual robbing may not kill the subject that valued their life. Additionally, there shall not be immediate retaliation following a robbery.

This rule may not be abused to continuously get out of an Emergency Service scenario (IE: Holding up Emergency Service to avoid transport.)

Rejoining Roleplay / Reinjecting
Once clearing a scene you may no longer re-inject yourself into that RP scenario. Players who re-inject themselves into an active roleplay scene, with few words or roleplay, may be subject to a RDM infraction if/when a player is downed or killed. If you choose to flee the scene you are expected to continue to remain at large.

Understanding Cop Baiting
Purposely committing crime with the intent to purposely engage police. This may be presented as purposely speeding, disregarding traffic signals or committing simple crimes in the presence of a Law Enforcement officer.

Combat Log / Purposeful Disconnect
When engaged in active roleplay players shall not disconnect from the server until the scenario has completely ended. Characters involved in criminal activity must be completely clear of any Law Enforcement interaction before disconnecting. Accidental disconnects should be communicated via Discord or TeamSpeak.

External Communications
When engaged in active roleplay scenarios external communications are expected to be halted. However, if your microphone is not muted in TeamSpeak/Discord/Other you are expected to relay anything from your external communication in game over your in character voice. This applies to both civilians and Law Enforcement who may be operating a radio or communicating via Bluetooth.

Cheating / Exploits
Any cheats or exploits used to gain and advantage on the server are prohibited. Players are expected to adhere by normal server mechanics and when any server mechanics malfunction or do not operate as intended – players are expected to notify staff or admins immediately. Failure to report may result in disciplinary action.

Repeat Offenders (Criminals)
Criminals who are repeat offenders may be subject to increased punishment (within roleplay) that includes seizure of various items at the discretion of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Further information may be reviewed HERE.

Last Modified April 27, 2019.
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