FiveM Server Rules

Server Rules

1. EGO Code of Conduct Applies.
– The standard EGO Code of Conduct applies in the GTA server.

2. No disrespect tolerated.
– Swearing on the server is permitted but doing so excessively or in a manner that shows disrespect is not.
– Any use of sexist, homophobic or racist terms (in or out of character) is not permitted.

3. No cheating or exploiting.
– Use of client-side trainers and/or mod menus is strictly prohibited. Server-side trainers may be available to different organizations or individuals. Players are also NOT allowed receive money or objects spawned in by another player who is doing so illegitimately.
– Players can not use server bugs or game mechanics to exploit for personal gain. Players MUST report bugs immediately upon discovery.

4. No server disruption.
– Server disruption is, by definition, doing something that causes disorder in the server. This includes but is not limited to: mic spamming, chat spamming and trolling.

5. No arguing with, impersonating or pestering staff in-server. The staff has the final say.
– Players may not identify themselves as staff, put “[ADMIN]”, etc in front of their name or change their name color for the purpose to fool people into believing they are a staff member. In addition, players may also not falsely claim themselves as a FiveM dev or moderator nor an admin for EdgeGamers.
– Our admins work hard to keep the server happy but also come on the server to enjoy their time. Please give staff time to get back to you and do not bug them. If they do not acknowledge, they may be busy with a situation and can not reply. For server bugs, compensation issues, etc., players should consult the Discord or Forums.
– Staff members have final say in all matters. If you have an issue with a decision made by a staff member, do not argue with them or other players/staff. Please take it to our forums.

6. You MUST be whitelisted to be a cop, medic or firefighter. No stealing emergency vehicles.
– Players must have applied, been accepted and whitelisted in order to be emergency personnel on the EGO GTA server. Non-whitelisted players may not steal or utilize emergency vehicles or equipment without permission by a staff member. Tow trucks drivers are NOT allowed to tow emergency vehicles without permission of the emergency personnel responsible for the vehicle.
– Non-whitelisted players are also not allowed to impersonate or roleplay any emergency personnel without permission from a staff member. This includes cops, firefighters, paramedics, special agents, and/or military members.

7. No metagaming, powergaming, random deathmatch, cop baiting, or revenge killing.
– Metagaming is defined as using out of character information for in character use.
– Powergaming is defined as roleplaying on someone’s behalf or doing something without giving a person a chance to react.
– Random/Vehicle Deathmatch is “killing” someone without any roleplay or prior contact.
– Cop baiting is purposely doing something in front of the cops in order to get their attention.
– Revenge Killing is killing someone after you “die” even though you should’ve forgotten who killed you (NLR states you forget the last 15 minutes leading up to your death).
– You can find more in-depth definitions of MG, PG, RDM/VDM, cop baiting, and revenge killing here.

8. You MUST roleplay. Don’t do things you can’t in real life.
– When playing on the server, it is best if you do things in a manner that would be seen as realistic. Unrealistic behavior is considered FailRP and will result in staff action. These behaviors may include but aren’t limited to: pulling a large gun out of nowhere, crashing into a large object and continuously going (even if your car isn’t totaled by the in-game damage system), or ramping off a bridge, hill, or ramp and then continuing to drive.
– Realistically, people like to speed, however, players should not be speeding through the city at 100+ mph or continuously driving recklessly. Doing so will be considered unrealistic, therefore will be FailRP.

9. New life rule is in effect if you respawn yourself.
– Abuse of the /respawn command during an active RP scenario, to evade jail time, or any other type of abuse is not allowed.
– On all law enforcement scenes where you are downed, you have to be picked up and you will go to the hospital and then jail or just jail. After you are out of jail, you can then decide on whether or not to kill your character off.
– Players can not be forced to kill off their characters. This is a form of powergaming.
– If you are downed, and respawn or are picked up, you can not remember the last 15 minutes including but not limited to: individuals you interacted with, vehicles you saw, how you were killed, and who killed you.

10. Only whitelisted pilots are permitted to be in aircraft.
– Whitelisted pilots are permitted to fly the aircraft that are assigned to them. No other players (besides public safety pilots) should be in aircraft at any time. This means that hijacking aircraft or otherwise obtaining access to an aircraft is not permitted.
– In addition, players should not spawn or drive any tanks, military jets, or armed helicopters in the server. This rule also applies to any vehicles with large guns on them.
– Special exceptions may be made for roleplay situations but should be approved by the Leadership team prior to doing so.

11. No jail evading or combat logging.
– Jail evading is when a player either attempts to respawn, disconnect, or otherwise cheat the system while in jail in order to prevent from fully serving jail time. Doing so is against the rules and will result in staff action.
– Combat logging is purposely disconnecting or respawning to avoid death or even arrest in any situation. This breaks roleplay and is also against server rules and will result in staff action.

12. No out of character arguing over voice or chat.
– If there is an issue on a situation whether it be something a civilian, cop, or staff member has done, arguing should not occur on the server. Players should consult our forums (whether it be putting in a Dropbox post, a player report, or messaging a leadership member) or our Teamspeak where you can talk to a supervisor or higher ranking staff member, depending on circumstances.

13. Do not abuse the phone system.
– The phone system in game is designed to communicate to other players and to call different services. It is not a helpline for server issues nor is it a place to send inappropriate messages.
– Sending requests for server help, sending messages that contain material that violates server rules, or spamming the phone will not be tolerated.

14. Do not abuse the F7 menu in roleplay situations.
– Use of the F7 menu to repair your car during an active roleplay scenario is not allowed. If your vehicle is disabled you should either call a mechanic or use a repair kit. Otherwise, you should wait until the roleplay scenario is OVER until potentially using your menu to repair your car.
– In addition, you should not use the F7 menu to add an extra to your car to “make it look different” during an active roleplay situation (like when running from the cops). Usually installing new parts takes several hours or days to do, therefore, doing it instantly would be unrealistic.

15. All police and fire stations and hospitals are considered green zones.
All police and fire stations and hospitals in the city are considered green zones. This means that violence at them are not tolerated. Violence includes but is not limited to shooting, fighting, vehicle assault, presenting firearms, or anything that would result in injury or death. Admins have final say on what violates green zone rules.

16. If you do not value your life and lose, you must surrender your belongings.
You have a choice of valuing your life or not, whether it be as an individual or as a group. However, if you chose not to value your life and you lose the battle that occurs, you are forced to surrender your items via the robbing feature only (X) while downed on the ground. Only in situations of not valuing your life are you forced to give up your items after death, although it is recommended you roleplay and give the items up if the other party wishes to roleplay such. Non-public safety F6 search menus can not be utilized to seize items after someone fails to value their lives.

17. Once clearing a scene you may no longer re-inject yourself into that RP scenario.
Once clearing a scene you may no longer re-inject yourself into that RP scenario. Players who re-inject themselves into an active roleplay scene, with few words or roleplay, may be subject to a RDM infraction if/when a player is downed or killed. If you choose to flee the scene you are expected to continue to remain at large.

18. No string robbing players or camping locations to rob numerous players.
No string robbing players or camping certain locations to rob numerous players. If you decide to rob a player or group of players in one location, you must wait at least 1 hour before robbing another player or group of players. Going around and robbing every player you see does not benefit the roleplay on the server and if anything, diminishes it. Robbing a player should be well thought out and should be fairly uncommon. String robbing players will not be tolerated. In addition, sitting at a location and robbing every player who shows up is also not allowed. This means you can not sit at the garage, the job center, etc and just rob everyone who shows up. Robbing in a very public location is unrealistic and ruins the experience on the server. Be smart about who and where you rob.

19. No Vehicles Allowed Inside Buildings
No vehicles of any type are allowed in buildings of any type. This means you can not drive them in the buildings or shove them in the doors to prevent entry.

20. Do not kidnap Law Enforcement or EMS
These individuals are responsible for not only your roleplay, but the roleplay of other 31 players. By kidnapping these individuals you selfishly hold up all emergency service personnel taking away from the experience from others. For this reason, any kidnappings on emergency service personnel such as (but not restricted to) County Police, State Police, Los Santos Fire, Los Santos Paramedics, Department of Justice / Federal Patrol are not permitted.

Last Modified November 4, 2018.
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