Watch Dogs 2 – Game Review

“The Return of Dedsec”

Since its predecessor Watch Dogs (Ubisoft, May 2014), this Open World, Adventure, Stealth, TPS, franchise has become a big hit on both PC and console platforms. But what do we know about these games? For starters, they put a lot on effort on the details of the world, the first one held in a very look-a-like city of Chicago; and in Watch Dogs 2 you actually play in a very detailed and almost identical city of San Francisco (There is people online posting photos of the game and where they live matching the exact locations). Also they are not as filled with problems and bugs as previous entries on other famous Ubisoft’s franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. Let’s hop on into the world of Hacking with Marcus and the Pro H4xors Dedsec.

Genre: Adventure

Game Genre: Open World, Stealth, Third Person Shooter, Hacking, Parkour

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Year: 2016

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Overview: Great!

Many reviews try to compare Watch Dogs with Grand Theft Auto (Rockstar North) and I believe the comparison is not fair. Yes, both are great open world games and GTA is far more big as both a franchise and a game overall, but it is important not to forget that Grand Theft Auto has been rocking the genre since ages ago. Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is considerably new when it comes to competing with other Open World games, and yet Watch Dogs 2 placed itself among the greatest entries of the last year.

In this story, the big corporations have come together with the government to create a system that will run every single electronic device in the country, first on the USA and then the world: the ctOS 2.0 (Central Operating System), created by the fictional Blume Corporation.

Platforms like social media (yes, they parody Facebook), search engines (yes, they parody Google, and many other Silicon Valley corporations) give the government and the corporations access to everyone’s personal information to an extent that if you actually knew what they know about you, you’d put your smartphone on the microwave and set it to fry.

The main character, Marcus Holloway, AKA “Retr0”, a young prominent hacker from Oakland is accused of a crime he did not commit. Why? Well, because ctOS developed an automatic profiler that placed him on a high tech robbery and determined that “Marcus was the most obvious candidate/suspect”. He was sentenced for the crime and did community service. With this experience Marcus knew the predictive program and ctOS overall was something that would never serve the cause of the weak and the helpless. Starting a career as a hacker, he gets involved with a hacking group named “DedSec” and together they join forces to take down Blume and his Central Operating System.

Just like in the first game, considering nowadays everything revolves around technology and science, DedSec is capable of taking control of vehicles, traffic lights, electric systems, video cameras, machines of many sorts such as construction and development, which will aid you in your quest to “Hack Everything“.

A few days ago we had an interview with our buddy Mr. Boe Jangles where we discussed if he had the choice, would he agree on giving his processing power to DedSec to help take down the ctOS and his reply was that he was not sure he’d agree without knowing exactly what’s up. And we find it reasonable enough. In the game the situation is exactly similar so in order the get fans, followers and contributors, DedSec goes to the streets to help people, have some publicity the old school way and show the world how corporations are taking down our rights and manipulating everything just to suit their gains.

With every mission you carry out you gain followers and those followers add points to your processing power. With more power comes more abilities and the amount of stuff you can learn how to control and hack is amazing. When Watch Dogs was initially released on 2014 aside traffic control and electric system, there was not much you could hack, but in this instalment the universe of things you can manipulate goes way beyond.

If you try the game: Learn how to control robots and make them “love” security guards.

You’ll know what I’m talking about. It cracks me up every time.








  • Great story with incredibly likeable characters. Wrench being my very favourite. He is a guy that you definitely want to hang out with.
  • Improved game play. Controls are as easy to use as its predecessor.
  • Online Multiplayer is AMAZING . You do not have to connect to the online servers when playing because from the moment you start playing you are already there. There are 3 main types of multi-player game modes: Co-op, Bounty Hunter and Hacking Invasion and they can be activated with your in-game smartphone or they can be triggered if you meet certain conditions in-game. For example: A bounty will be placed in your head if you reach certain level of criminal condition and other players will be invited and summoned into your game play to try to stop you. The same way you will be invited and summoned to kill another player who’s notoriety raised to a certain extent. The same principle applies to Hacking Invasion, where you try to steal data from another user phone. The online experience can be completely deactivated so you can be isolated from the online servers but I strongly recommend you not to.
  • You have many useful apps on your mobile phone, like a music player that you can personalize.

  • Short story. Main missions are limited in numbers; it kinda compensates with the big ass amount of side quests but not enough to fill the bucket.
  • Camera movements is a pain in the ass sometimes. When you are being chased by 3 polices cars, a SWAT helicopter and a gang of Tezcas (a Mexican gang) and you need to mess with the pipelines in the street AFTER you passed them, looking back is more complicated than you think, and the mouse is not very responsive. This is annoying at first but if you are clever enough you will manage.
  • NPC’s aim is not great. To be honest is quite lousy.
  • The music player on your phone is not as good as you’d expect. Also you have to listen to songs to record them on your phone, so to mash up a great playlist you have to play for a big while.

MetaCritic: 82/100

Steam: Very Positive (81% of the 10,462 reviews are positive, to this day)

GameSpot: 8


We need more games like this when it comes to online and multiplayer platform.

Games like GTA: V that have amazing multiplayer modes but horrible interfaces and long waiting periods need to find a formula like the one Ubisoft is using: Fast connect, quick gaming and no cheating. You’ll spend 30+ hours on this game and I believe they will be well spent.

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