Trash Compactor – April 6, 2019

Calling all members of EdgeGamers. Come join us in Garry’s Mod this weekend by playing the newest game mode to our event server… Trash Compactor!

Event Date: Saturday, April 6th

Event Time (ET): 7:00 EST

Event Server IP:

Additional Instructions: Must join TeamSpeak and own Garry’s Mod

Based on the Halo 3 Gamemode! 
Ever feel like your friends are treating you like trash? Well, now you can get revenge. Show off your superiority by throwing a bunch of junk at them as the Trashman. The Victims will have to dodge all the dumpsters, barrels, and cars you throw at them. You only have 5 minutes to throw whatever trash you have available so make it count.

Frosty4Rock and Nodellsz will be coordinating this event. If you have any questions forward them to the hosts. We will see you there!


Originally an Admin Trainer Advisor for Prestige Gaming, David joined EdgeGamers during the Prestige Gaming merge of May 2018. He currently leads the EdgeGamers Media Team as a Senior Manager.