Tournament Victory In King of the Communities

This past week while many of us were kicking back, our Team Fortress 2 Highlander team was busy kicking butt in the King of the Communities 9v9 tournament. EGO pulled out a decisive victory over Serious Gmod, Prestige Gaming, HeLLsGamers, Reflex Gaming, and Skynet Gaming. Our team went completely undefeated, surrendering only one map on Lakeside to Serious Gmod in the grand finals. They won FIRST PLACE in the tournament and all fought hard for that win.

Many thanks to Prestige Gaming for organizing the event, as well as to EGO’s Team Captain: Emmy.  She worked tirelessly to facilitate our teams success as well as put together an amazing roster of the best EGO has to offer.  She deserves immense praise for all she has done. Our very own -=DUH=- took over streaming the tournament for the last few games, and did a wonderful job.  Be sure to watch the replay here.

Please join us in thanking the roster of EGO for representing our community in this tournament, and wish them luck in their future endeavors.

Scout: @Emmy
Soldier: @Winter
Pyro: @PepperRabbit
Demoman: @itsly
Heavy: @Minty
Engineer: @GrandiSlayer
Medic: @Bot LUCK
Sniper: @Mister36
Spy: @DeeLuxxed
Subs: @Dianite and @Trixters