There Goes the Neighbourhood

Grand Theft Auto, though still finding its feet in EGO, is in full swing by having recently moved to Los Santos.

Having started its server in the small secluded town of Paleto Bay, the Leadership have expanded its operations to the city of Los Santos. With the move comes a larger area for players to explore. This is big news for the players of our GTA V server but before we look more into this announcement, lets take a look at the game. At the helm of everything is RipplyTiger151 and a handful of members that help maintain and admin the server. With GTA V came some new challenges. For a start, It’s a Role play server (RP). These are uncharted waters for EdgeGamers because anything is possible for the player. Well, almost anything. For a start, don’t do anything you can’t do in real life. Shot a cop? Hey, the police are after you now. Stealing? Cops are coming. Starting fires? Oh, there’s the fire brigade. You get the idea.

Ok, so RP. You’re going to need a job to get money. Because, you know, you need that stuff to live. GTA RP has a variety of jobs on offer. Most revolve around the process of harvesting, processing, and selling. Some jobs on offer relate to iron, wood, wine, and weed. The latter being illegal, pays a bit more than the others but takes more time. If you’re after more excitement, why not become a cop, paramedic, or firefighter? These jobs will require you to put some time in the server first though. They’re big responsibilities to play so, the admins need only trusted people in these positions.

Grand Theft Auto is quite unique in eGO because you may not see them very often on our forums. That’s because they have their own. They also have their own TeamSpeak and ranking structure. Since RP is vastly different to what the norm is around here, a unique approach was needed to how the server was operated. Thus, the separated TS, and forum. Having these elements in with everything else on our regular server would clutter everything up. RP takes a lot of resources to maintain from both a technological, and personal view.

The move from the bay to the city was introduced to meet up with the demand the server was seeing. Last month saw all slots filled most nights, and for those that are familiar with Paleto Bay, it’s pretty small. Los Santos offers more space, more opportunity, and more room for development. This greater area makes the RP more enjoyable by increasing the possibilities of what you can do. As with all our new servers we need your support to keep it alive. Head on over to the dedicated GTA V RP forum for more info on getting started.

Game on!