TF2’s Brand New Division Leader


She joined eGO on September 25th, 2014! She became advisor just a day or two after her birthday, somewhere around May 4-5 this year (2017). She loves to cook, she loves to game, she loves Team Fortress 2 and now she is the Captain, Oh, Captain of the division.

“What plans am I cooking up for TF2? Well first off, brownies. Secondly, cupcakes. Third, in all seriousness, I plan to be as available as possible to my Advisors should they need anything (while I make them brownies and cupcakes!)”

As for changes for TF2 Leadership, Minty will be taking her place as Recruitment Coordinator Advisor and taking some weight off Emmy’s shoulders while she attempts to do the same for Adam (ComMgr). As for specific changes, there aren’t many changes she could make that would improve the team at this time.

“They are already pretty freakin’ awesome (but I will still be keeping an open mind).”

Thank you, Emmy, for all the efforts and we hope you will drive the division to great horizons!


SigmaMX (AKA SigmaTaurus) joined eGO on 2009, starting on the CS:S Division, later on contributing on the Media Division with Streaming, Articles, News and the Frag of the Day. Appointed Media Advisor, he supervises the Social Networks and keeps public projects running.