TF2 Rotation Server Announcement

You, a TF2 veteran, hop on the server one day and realize a change. You bid farewell to 2Fort servers with a tear running down your cheek, and on the horizon see a shining light beaming down. the Rotation Server is here. The Rotation Server will be hosting many of our favorite maps, including Ruined 2Fort and many others. Down below the full list of available maps to be played can be seen:

– ctf_2fort_ruined_b2x
– koth_edifice_b1c
– cp_blackmesa_final
– ctf_convoy_v2
– cp_process_final
– pl_upward
– pl_badwater
– cp_dustbowl

The Rotation server is up and running on the same IP that was previously used for 2Fort:

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