Team Fortress 2 Team Playoffs

In July of this year, the Team Fortress 2 division celebrated a decisive and hard-fought victory at the King of the Communities event. Division Leader Emmy and Advisor Minty, both key members of the winning team, started talking after the event about how it would be fun to have a competitive team to play in these events more often from their hard work the TF2 Competitive team was born.

The Teams Setup

They chose to play Highlander which is a 9 person team with one person on each class. They held tryouts and created the team. The beginning was rough, they lost their first three matches and knew something had to change. They went back and examined the team and made some unusual choices. Instead of just looking at the skill of the players, they looked at the friendships and interactions from Teamspeak and the eGO servers. A few player switches later and the team clicked.

Hard work is the key

Speaking with Emmy and Minty, they said that the team succeeds because the focus is on community first, then being a comp team together. This does not mean that the team does not work hard.

They hold at least two scrims a week, more depending on the map. They have map reviews learning callouts and loadouts for each map. If the map is new to the team, then they will have extra practices. Emmy and Minty approached GrandiSlayer, a member and high level competitive player, about being the team mentor and coach. He agreed and has helped train the team and even works one-on-one to help the team members get better.

All this work has led up to the competitive team making the playoffs in their first season. They will compete starting this Monday to see if they can win it all.

Playoffs in TF2 are single elimination. There will be 16 teams competing on the maps from this season. The teams work on a ban and pick method for maps to compete on. This means that both teams get to ban a map choice then they both pick a map, and then there is a final banned map before the third map is chosen.

Emmy and Minty know they have work left to do before they compete in the playoffs this week. Talking with them they said the team is working on communicating better and not speaking over each other. They all also working on listening to call-outs and responding to them better.

We wish them the best and hopefully we will be back congratulating them on a hard-fought win!

Team Members:

Scout Emmy
Soldier Itsly
Pyro Spino Rapter
Demo Raijin
Heavy PepperRabbit
Engineer Dianite
Medic Minty
Sniper tomb
Spy Deeluxxed