TF2 2Fort Update

Originally, we were going to announce that the TF2 2Fort server would continue to be down for maintenance, however this has changed.

Effective immediately, the IP to join Team Fortress 2’s 2Fort server is

Please idle/play to help out the server, as the server downtime has led to a rough several days for the ranks (went from 100 to 500). Idling whilst doing homework, hanging out on TeamSpeak, or when you’re not doing much with your computer would be invaluable to us.

TF2 is a free to play game, and anyone who assists our beloved 2Fort server in its time of need will be eligible for some snazzy achievements.

Download TF2 here:


Originally apart of Prestige Gaming as a Quality Assurance Advisor, Vincent joined EGO in May 2018 following the community merge. He is currently the Divisional Leader of Media Team.