Tech Team Recruitment

Every day a new bug is found within the servers of EdgeGamers, with that comes a team that needs to resolve these issues and provide answers or fixes to these problems. There are members who take time to develop or find fixes to map issues or plugins. This Technical Team works with every game and server to create an experience for its members to enjoy…

EdgeGamers’s Technical Team is looking for new members, these include those who are experienced in Web Development or can create plugins in LUA, SourcePawn, Java, etc.

The Technical Team is a great place to show your true skills and show everyone what you’re capable of: giving the players an experience that they won’t forget on our servers. If you feel like you can take part, fill out this application. If you have issues or questions, contact SmeaR or Tech Leadership.


Originally an Admin Trainer Advisor for Prestige Gaming, David joined EdgeGamers during the Prestige Gaming merge of May 2018. He currently leads the EdgeGamers Media Team as a Senior Manager.