Team Fortress 2 Tough Break Update


Team Fortress 2’s latest update “The Tough Break Update” is here just in time for Winter Break. Tough Break features new contracts (at a price), cases, weapons, maps, taunts, and a ton of gameplay tweaks.

In order to gain access to the latest and greatest contracts, you will have to drop $5.99 on a campaign pass. Contracts also feature a new loaner program that will give  you access to the items relating to the contract for the duration of the contract. Completing a contract rewards you a weapons case or one of the new Tough Break items.

Prepare to get your aerobic athlete on as we dance with the newest team taunt “Mannrobics”. Grab all of your teammates and start those fluid movements pouring your soul into your steps. Mannrobics, Badpipes, and The Bucking Bronco can be purchased off the Mann Co. Store for $9.99.

What are your thoughts on the update so far? Leave a comment below.

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