Team Fortress 2 Recognition

EdgeGamers has some amazing people in it. The TF2 Leadership team wants to take moment to recognize some of these very special people. Some names you might only recognize from the forums and others are active nearly daily in Teamspeak.


Advisor Commendation

Advisor Commendation

For one whole year, Commanderstitch has been a member of our community and has more than proven himself here. His friendly attitude and silly comments have the ability to brighten up our TeamSpeak rooms within seconds. Stitch is a joy to play with and has recently brought his friendliness over to our EC team where he will continue spread the love to the attendees. The TF2 leadership team would like to recognize Stitch for his recent contributions to the EC team and his positive attitude wherever he goes.

Distinguished Service

Distinguished Service

W61.62XD Struck By Duck
Since joining eGO in August of 2016 after much prodding by his wife, W61.62XD Struck By Duck has been a faithful member helping the TF2 division in a variety of ways. Duck has become a staple in TF2. He goes out of his way to make sure servers are filled and upholds the rules and standards of the eGO community. Duck takes the time to check which server needs help and admins every time he is able and is a faithful attendee of events. Duck’s love of TF2 shines through when he joins from various hotels while traveling for work. What makes Duck special though is his willingness to help others learn and grow, not only has members but as human beings as well. TF2 Leadership thanks you for what you do in the community.



July 19, 2013 doesn’t seem like an important date, but it was on that date that Veelo began his quest. A daily quest to post the TF2 server rankings faithfully. Veelo has faithfully fulfilled this task rarely, if ever missing a day. Veelo, TF2 leadership would like to say thank you for your hard work and dedication.


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