Tabletop Simulator – November 23, 2019

Are you bored? Why not play some board games! Join us on the 23rd this month for our next event, Tabletop Simulator Saturday

  • Event Date: Saturday, November 23rd
  • Event Time: 8 PM EST
  • Additional Instructions: Must be in Teamspeak to play

Have any suggestions for a board or card game you would like to see played? Make a comment on this thread or PM 3dsam1!

@3dsam1 and @Shalom will be coordinating this event. Please forward any questions you may have to them. We hope to see you there!


Originally in Prestige Gaming as a part of the Event Coordinator Team, Timothy joined EGO in May 2018 in result of the community merger. As of right now, he currently resides as the video production manager of the Media Team since November 2018.