StarCraft and Brood War FREE and Remastered

No, this is not a click bait post.

Blizzard looked back at our youth’s greatest memories and decided you need some good old days fun. StarCraft and Brood War have been remastered and published completely free of charge. The offer includes both games and all the multiplayer services.

Time to return to those 4v4 fast no spam 15 min competitions, stack those Cannons on your favorite Defense map, and revive the story that gave us one of the best antagonists ever: Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades.

What else can we tell you about it? Go to your account at BATTLE.NET to the section of Classic Games and find the installer “StarCraft Anthology”. The game, being so old, is about 1.9gb. Hah! those were the days. Also we suggest you to check THIS, for more information of the patch and the remastering,

For Aiur!


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