Sombra & Season III Top Overwatch Patch Notes

Season two ends November 23rd and with it comes a close to a much better season than the previous. With the new rating system introduced in season two, Blizzard made many necessary improvements. However, the rating system was very gracious when placing players in skill tiers, often placing them higher than necessary. Players achieved a higher rating after placements then drastically fell not being able to climb back up the ranks. With the introduction to season three Blizzard plans on keeping the same system but with slight tweaks to placements.

Significant hero changes were also included in the recent patch. The powerhouse tank Zarya will see her damage output decreased while Mercy will gain some much-needed survivability. Players can also be happy that Mei’s buffed blizzard ultimate will be taking a hit with an added 15% cost.

The largest addition receiving the most hype is the release of Sombra. Sombra brings a wealth of utility to the team and can be a logistical nightmare for the enemy team. With her ability to hack health packs and “silence” enemies she excels at locking down areas of the map as well as enemy abilities. You will need to brush up on your Winston and Mei skills to be able to effectively counter a good Sombra as any damage will interrupt her hacks.

With the end of season two coming to a close our competitive team plans on holding another round of tryout. Dedicated and skilled players message Jade or Dr Havok in TeamSpeak or Private Message on our forums.