September Community Newsletter

The season of fall is upon us! As everyone is getting settled in with the new season, things are constantly changing here at EdgeGamers. This thread will include the exciting events that have happened within the past month such as leadership changes, past community news, and more! Let’s get this show on the road with September’s past articles:



Interested in learning more about Member Services? Well then, look no further!
Have you ever thought about playing a fun, grindy game? If so, make sure to check out our game review on Stardew Valley!
And if you’re interested in a graphic novel like game, make sure to check out our game spotlight on Life is Strange 2!
Media Team held a contest to see who had the best dad joke!
Our last EdgeGamers Night was held on our TF2 servers.
A community was recently held where we discussed what the future of the community may look like.
Media Team also hosted another event called Falling Like a Pro where you would risk your life by falling from great heights into bottomless pits and doing as many crazy stunts as you could!
Congratulations to SheToldMeSheWas18 for receiving the August Community Spotlight!
Another EdgeGamers Night was held on Counter Strike.
Thank you to all these individuals for their hard work done within the community.




  • Foxy was promoted to Senior Manager.
  • Aquafina water bottle was promoted to Manager.
  • FTB is a work in progress with the lag issues.
  • Witch_Doctor is currently busy and isn’t able to fix the lag issues.
  • Make sure to vote on our Minecraft server!

Team Fortress

  • Fixing the situation with the lag on Hightower and 2Fort.
  • sv_pure is being worked in progress to allow members to fix their textures.
  • The Event server has been fixed and is back up and Black Mesa Sundays are back.


  • Waiting for Battlefield V to launch.
  • Waiting for EA Dice to respond to have dedicated Battlefield V servers for EGO.
  • Would love to have the community come together to play on Battlefield V.


  • Promoting EpicFlamingos to Manager.
  • Halloween Update? Similar to last year – an entire week of Halloween events.
  • PrisonM for Jailbreak.
  • Fixing Close Quarters to make it more admin friendly and reduce RDM on TTT.
  • Keeping up to date with the rules to make them more user friendly.
  • Remember to make a Contact Leadership thread if you have a promotion recommendation!
  • Suggest events to The Wall, also apply to become part of EC if you’re interested (eGO+ Only)
  • Please contribute to getting the server ranking higher.

Garry’s Mod

  • Updating weapons on TTT.
  • Updating the map roster on TTT.
  • We’re looking into the possibility of having a pointshop again.
  • MAUL for GMod was rewritten to include auto-tagging.

Grand Theft Auto

  • GTA FiveM server will be reset within the next few weeks.
  • RDK Promotion Manager Promotion.
  • New Update: Impound and Garage Script.
  • New Update: New Phone layout.
  • Police department and State Troopers have new vehicles and uniforms.
  • EMS is getting new vehicles.
  • Relocating drug locations.
  • Going to be adding more custom vehicles.
  • Adding new jobs if possible.


We’d like to thank everyone for the amazing month. We’ll see you next month for October’s Community Newsletter!


Originally in Prestige Gaming as a part of the Event Coordinator Team, Timothy joined EGO in May 2018 in result of the community merger. As of right now, he currently resides as the video production manager of the Media Team since November 2018.