September Community Newsletter

BOO! Welcome to the September Community Newsletter, where we recap the events that took place in the month of September. From promotions, server changes, to community meetings, you can find all of that and more in this month’s Newsletter!

Recruitment Drive ending October 23rd!
-Interested in becoming an official eGO streamer? PM Aaron on the forums to get started (must be eG+)
-Keep your eye out for a mysterious community event that will take place before the year ends!
-September Community Spotlight winner: Jay!
Game Spotlight:Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint
-EdgeGamers ended support for Day of Defeat
-Meet The Leadership, Jade!

-JB is globally ranked at #3
-TTT is globally ranked at #10
-TTT AFK Manager increased from 45 seconds to 70 seconds
-Congrats to Ayaya, Blazey, Shower, and Wr3k on their respective promotions!
-JB freedays were changed were changed
-Full Update Log can be found here.
-Have any event suggestions? PM Peloc on the forums!

-FiveM meeting took place on September 15th.
-Want $10k in-game? Vote for our server on TrackyServer!
-JollyDoctor was promoted to Support Manager
-Robberies are currently disabled
-You are now able to run with animals over your shoulders
-Keep an eye out for the Los Santos RP event!

Team Fortress 2
-TF2 needs members! Feel free to help idle the server to get it started.
-Hotdogs is back as Manager
-TF2 Jailbreak server is in the works!
-Turbine server changed to a Rotation server
-Events are almost back, hang in there!
-Want third person to be re-introduced? Vote here!

Member Services
-Interested in joining Member Services? Take a look at this thread to get started (must be eG+)!
-NME Ambassador program is looking for members, send a message to AndrewW or Ryo5678 to get started (must be eGO+)!
-AndrewW and Dryden both received the Distinguished Service Award!

Media Team
-december was promoted to Artist Manager-Our social media pages are being revamped!
-xValence was awarded the Medal of Honor
-mom, CloudOnPC, and heidi were awarded Advisor Commendations
-Interested in joining the Media Team? Start here!

Tech Team
-Tech Team is looking for members! Send a PM to SmeaR to get started.
-Counter-Strike mappers are no longer needed
-MAUL is being revamped

EdgeGamers Recruitment Drive

EdgeGamers Clanwide Meeting

TF2 Meeting

September Award Spotlight

CS:GO Leadership Promotions

Distinguished Service Awards

Media Leadership Promotions

Last Month’s Community Newsletter (in case you missed it)

September Community Spotlight



Originally in Prestige Gaming as a part of the Event Coordinator Team, Timothy joined EGO in May 2018 in result of the community merger. As of right now, he currently resides as the video production manager of the Media Team since November 2018.