Royal Rumble Rumble

TF2 is pleased to announce a change in our beloved Royal Rumble.

We decided it was time to add another map. We already had the magnificence that is CTF Chaos, so we put it to a vote to see what the members wanted to see. Ultimately, it was a Control Point map they wanted.
The TF2 Leadership team hunted for the next great map and low, we found one!

Please join the TF2 Leadership Team in welcoming CP Rumble to the Royal Rumble!
Rumble is a 3 CP Attack/Defend map. We chose this map because we believe the close quarters nature and size of the map will provide for more continuous action.

The next TF2 Royal Rumble will be held on Saturday, May 20th and 8 PM Central and Rumble will be the map!
So how does a Royal Rumble work?
The rules are fairly simple – get dominated by a member of leadership, and you will have to leave the server – don’t worry, you can reconnect after you have left, but we have to let others have a chance! But if you dominate leadership, grab a screenshot for eternal bragging rights, and an award! We will have a thread for you to brag over your dominations immediately following the event.

We have taken into consideration and implementing the suggestions by users at the last event. Thank you for the contributions!
This event is usually VERY popular and the server fills up extremely quick. Don’t delay on arriving! Didn’t get a spot? Stick around!¬†Spots will open up when members get dominated and have to leave

Come Out May 20th and join the fun!

Please note, TeamSpeak is required. There will be a room dedicated to the event, you must be in there the whole time. There is also a 2 engineer and 2 medic limit per team!


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