Recruiter of the Month July 2017

Every month we try to celebrate the top recruiter in eGO. Most times the top few are close in numbers, however every now and then a member comes along and blows the numbers so out of the water that you have to double-check to make sure they are accurate. In July, that happened.

eGO would like to congratulate our newest Advisor and Top Recruiter for the Month of July Minty

In July, Minty decided to set a challenge for herself, a minimum of one recruit a day. She began preparing for this challenge in the last weeks of June, getting 7 recruits. When July started, she could be found in the early morning filling Team Fortress 2’s Turbine server talking to everyone who joined. As she filled the server, she recruited new members. She introduced herself to them and then introduced them to eGO. Some days one or two recruits, one day it was six.

As the dust of July settled, Minty had recruited 38 new members to eGO and helped encourage people to fill the servers so much that the ranks of servers climbed to great heights. Many who attended an =(e)= orientation that the TF2 RC’s hosted, and are now regulars on the servers and in TeamSpeak. Unbeknownst to Minty, TF2 Leadership had taken notice of her dedication and began discussing a need. On July 30th, Minty was made TF2’s Newest Advisor. A role she has taken to and already made us proud.

Minty, eGO would like to congratulate you on being recruiter of the month and the promotion.