Recognizing Two Managers

Media Team is approaching once year since its full reconstruction, we’ve come a long way. Our Media Team’s effort is at an all-time high.

In the last year, EdgeGamers has published almost 180 articles. On average Media Team posts an article every two to three days. These articles take countless hours to perfect, and require a serious amount of writing and obviously graphics to complete the post. While these articles are put together by the members of Media, two Managers have ensured for the last year that the work gets done, every single day.

Without your leadership and bookkeeping Media Team would not be where it is today. You are always on top of everything and ensure projects are being done on time. Through constructing our Media guide, to building our interview process, and doing general organizational tasks, you are a necessity to this team. It cannot be stated enough how much we appreciate your work and sticking with this team.

180 posts and almost the same amount of images. Everyday I ask you to take time out of your busy schedule to create awesome images for our posts. Every image you produce is better than the last, and while you typically fly under the radar in appreciation, it should be noted that we would be nowhere without you. Since the day you came into Leadership, you have done a remarkable job commanding the ship in the art department. Thank you for your efforts.


Originally apart of Prestige Gaming as a Quality Assurance Advisor, Vincent joined EGO in May 2018 following the community merge. Vincent serves as the Director of Operations here at EdgeGamers and ensures the success of our servers, administration team, and anything in-between.