Recognizing Our Top Media Representative


Our Media Team since the Prestige Gaming merge has taken a much different shape over the last few months. A lot of the work in shaping this new team is thanks to our Senior Manager at the top. Putting in countless hours to develop a solid Leadership staff and building out various programs, Arbiter has certainly shined in his role. Previously a Quality Assurance Advisor in Prestige Gaming, Arbiter took on much more responsibility after joining EdgeGamers. Arbiter has run with every opportunity presented.

Those who pour in so much effort towards the betterment and growth of EdgeGamers deserve to be steeply recognized. I have the excitement and honor of overseeing the progress of the Media Team from within our Community Management team. It is amazing to see the constant changes bringing new life to the community. With this, I am glad to present the Distinguished Service Medal to Arbiter for his contributions. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do each day.

Congratulations & well deserved.


Austin “Legend”
Chief Executive Officer


A part of EdgeGamers since May 2008, Austin has been a part of many aspects of our community. After leading the Counter-Strike Division, Austin was brought up to the Community Manager rank in March 2011, and later accepted the rank of Chief Operations Officer in July 2014.