ProCombat Lifetime Allegiance Award Recipients 12/16/16

The newest, and most prestigious, ribbon in the EdgeGamers inventory is the ProCombat Lifetime Allegiance award. The official award description is:

Bestowed by EdgeGamers Chairman, this award recognizes members past or present, who, although not involved in the founding of EGO, have significantly shaped the community through innovative ideas, thoughtful actions or sheer force of personality.

That says it all, and no other reason for awarding will be entered into the record of the awardees.

Many members have gratefully done more than their part within the community, but this award goes to the few who made us who we are today. It was named after, and inspired by, ProCombat, who passed away this year. Much has been written about PC since, and it’s clear he left a stamp on EGO that will not quickly fade. The recipients of this award are those that, like PC, have left a mark that will remain forever.

Your EdgeGamers Chairman has recognized and awarded the following individuals:

GamingRobot, LegendMegs A Tagger, oey192USCG Hammer

EGO thanks them deeply and sincerely.

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