October Community Newsletter

As the fall season continues to settle in the month of October, many things here at EdgeGamers is changing and this thread highlights these important changes that have happened in the month of October. This thread includes many things such as events, leadership changes, community news, and so much more!

Michael Bolton has stepped down from Community Manager.

Interested in the new Call of Duty? Check out our Game Spotlight on it!

We need your help to higher our TF2 2Fort’s rank.

There was an update to the EdgeGamers TeamSpeak Code of Conduct.

For those who wanted to know more about the Leadership member known as Emmy, this Meet the Leadership is for you!

If you like CS and the events hosted on the CS servers, feel free to apply to become a CS Event Coordinator!

Tech completed a mass server update.

Do you enjoy writing? If so, you may be interested in applying for Media Team!

Media Team requested feedback for the future of Community Spotlights

Did you miss last month’s Newsletter?

Thank you to all the Dedicated Supporters for the month of September.

– Michael Bolton stepped down.
– Congratulations to our new AT’s, Jacko & CtrlAltDelicious!
– Halloween Promotions were released!
– EpicFlamingos received DL Commendation.
– Jailbreak and FAQ Rule updated.
– Major change to CT bans.
– Be on the lookout for new events, coming from our new ECs: Peloc, Apex, Mass, and TehRaddish!
– Make promotion recommendations in Contact Leadership (make sure to explain why you are recommending).

Garry’s Mod
– The 24/7 TTT Minecraft server has been shut down.
– Michael Bolton has stepped down.

– Expect the reset to come soon with a whole server-wide revamp!
– No set date for the reset, but Leadership is working as hard as they can to make sure that the wipe comes with the best quality possible.

Member Services
– NME (New Member Services) Program is rebooted!
– The guidelines to join eGO are simplified and easier to join than before.
– First MS Invasion has been hosted on the CS:GO servers. Expect more to come!
– If you’re a member of the eGO rank, you’re more than welcome to shoot a PM towards Simon regarding an opportunity.

– Make sure to vote for our MC Servers.
– Secret things are a WIP. Details are soon to come!

– 2Fort is back and running, but we need your help to get it back to the rank it was before!


Originally an Admin Trainer Advisor for Prestige Gaming, David joined EdgeGamers during the Prestige Gaming merge of May 2018. He currently leads our writing and news personnel for the EdgeGamers Media Team.