October Community Newsletter

Welcome to the October Community Newsletter! Here, you will find a recap of all the major things which happened during the month of October at EdgeGamers. But before we get into that, a special introduction, written by @mom:

You find yourself driving through a dark forest, very late at night. As you are driving, you feel a big BUMP, then you hear a big POP, realizing that your tire must’ve gone flat. You get out of your car to check the tire, just to be interrupted by a very faint noise. You look over to where you felt the bump, spotting a vague figure in the middle of the road. You inch closer to the figure, with the noise getting louder and loduer with each step. You get close enough to hear the words “read me….” from the figure. You unwillingly kneel down, squinting your eyes to see the figure in the dark, slowly reaching your arm out. You roll the figure over, just to see the dark outline of the OCTOBER COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER! The Newsletter starts screaming “READ ME” much louder, loud enough to be heard from a mile away. You open the Newsletter in a panic, being confronted by a bright gold light and the sound of angels singing. You glance over the Server News, surprised at how much EdgeGamers has accomplished over this October. Once you close the Newsletter, you hear a crunch sound from behind you. You turn around, an-

Counter Strike
CS:GO Server Updates
-Event Coordinator is OPEN. Message @peloc for information
Member Service
-New MS Event Coordinators, @Blazey @DFreed
-@RipplyTiger151 has stepped down
-NME Ambassador program is still looking for members, send a message to AndrewW or Ryo5678 to get started (must be eGO+)!
Tech Team
-Tech Team is Still looking for members, Send a PM to @SmeaR to get started
-MAUL revamp, SoonTM
-Tech team will be hosting classes


Originally an Admin Trainer Advisor for Prestige Gaming, David joined EdgeGamers during the Prestige Gaming merge of May 2018. He currently leads the EdgeGamers Media Team as a Senior Manager.