No Battlefield 1 Server Admin At Launch – Here’s What We Want

In a blog post on the official Battlefield 1 News Discussions, Jeff Braddock outlined further details into the Rent-A-Server program for Battlefield 1. Pricing tier was released showing that a 30 day server rental for Battlefield 1 will run you $42.99. EA/DICE expect to have the system up for the community in November. One of the largest bits of information that community owners were seeking was also teased. However, it was far from detailed and what server owners wanted to hear.

What types of features can I expect?
The biggest question, of course. We will update this thread tomorrow with some of the features you will have in the RSP.
Note: One of the top requested features if the Kick/Ban feature. We hear you and are working on rolling that out after the launch of the RSP.

Admin features won’t be available on release. Bummer. Unfortunately server owners and communities will have to take a back seat for some time while we wait for those tools to be put in our hands. While we wait we might as well outline our wish-list for the ideal Rent-A-Server admin environment.

Votekick & Voteban Seem Nice, They Aren’t

The go to admin feature seems to always be votekick and voteban. While the system works the majority of the time to eliminate cheaters and hackers from the server, it also removes players who are doing no harm. Vote brigading is a thing and it contributes to a toxic environment. Little Jimmy with the noticeably young voice may find himself booted from a server just for talking on the mic. Skilled players may find the swift boot for simply being too good. It is better to put the control of your server in the capable hands of those you trust versus the entire Battlefield 1 community.

Admin Lists

Being a one man army stinks. You’re the one guy with the tools to keep your server functioning the way you want it. It’s an impossible task to keep it running that way 24/7. Having the ability to add in the players you trust to help moderate gameplay and remove those who cheat is essential. Sharing those same players across your network of multiple servers would also be a huge plus. Managing multiple lists across multiple servers will give larger communities or hosts a huge unnecessary headache.

Display Your Rules

Most will probably agree that Source games using HTML Messages of the Day is the best way to bring across your servers’ branding and rules. However with the history of each Battlefield game we know that is unfortunately not in the realm of possibility. It is important for server owners to have the ability to make their servers’ rules clear for their players. It is extremely hypocritical to remove players from your server without them clearly knowing how to play on your server. Setting owners and players up for success, giving them the ability to conform to the unique gameplay of the server is key. Whether it is an HTML or Text MOTD on join, or even a message in the chat on deployment we need to keep players in the loop.

Basic Admin Toolbox

Hopefully these are obvious. Mute, Kick, Ban, Chat. Remove the ability to speak from those spamming the mic attempting to deafen everyone around them. Kick those who just don’t want to play by the rules. Ban repeat offenders who just aren’t getting it. Chat with other admins on the server to come up with resolutions, issue notices from admins to players in regards to rule violations.


What are your necessary tools for admining? What would you like to see added with the Rent-A-Server program? Join the discussion over on our forums.

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