Night Operations Is HERE! Check Out The Graveyard Shift Server

Battlefield 4 Night Operations dropped to us today, we are extremely excited. We have gone ahead and changed our Hardcore server to now be a 24/7 Zavod Graveyard Shift server. You can check out our new server on Battlelog and add it to your favorites today.

In order to get the actual Night Operations update, you will have to take a few extra steps after downloading today’s patch.

To get the Night Operations expansion you have to go to the Origin Store and add it to you checkout cart. It is free but you have to go through that step after the patch update to have the map. Add the DLC to your cart and hit purchase. Go through the check out steps of clicking the agreement box and then place the order. It will add the download to your Origin downloads.

See you in-game, just as long as you bring your infrared or a flashlight.


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