New GMod Server!

New Server: 24/7 Minecraft TTT!

Hello everyone. As many of you are aware we recently closed down our Prophunt server. Garry’s Mod leadership has been hard at work to replace it and today we are happy to announce our new server! Some of you may have already guessed that it is a 24/7 Minecraft TTT server! You can connect to it using the same IP you used for prophunt. This server has a few differences from OG TTT that will eventually be copied over to the OG TTT server which I will detail below. The end goal is to have weapons and other add-ons consistent between both servers with the only difference being the map rotation. Additionally, all Minecraft maps on OG TTT have been removed.

This server has been set up with FastDL. This should hopefully drastically reduce the time it takes to load into the server. OG TTT and the events server will be getting this added in the near future as well.

Some weapons have had various stats changed to try and make them less over-powered/under-powered. These changes are currently in beta and are subject to change. Once we are satisfied with them they will be moved over to OG TTT. If you think any of these changes need to be adjusted further or if any weapons that were left unchanged need to be re-worked please let us know in the suggestions forum here.

Weapon changes:

  • Auto shotgun has had its shots reduced from 8 to 6 and had its cone slightly increased.
  • Pump Shotgun damage per pellet reduced from 14 to 9.
    Note: The goal of these changes is to make the shotguns less effective at long ranges while keeping them a powerful choice in close quarters.
  • P90 is no longer a detective weapon and will spawn on the map for anyone to use.
  • Striker is now purchasable by traitors only. It has also had its damage increased.
  • Similar to above, the SG-550 sniper is now Detective only.
  • AWP reduced to one bullet.
  • Knife is now one-hit-kill.
  • The following weapons have all been removed: Grapple Hook, Predator Blade, Gauss Rifle, Dragon Elites, Gravity Grenade, Explosive Melon Launcher, Remote Sticky Bomb, M4 SLAM, Gold Dragon, and Lucky Horseshoe.
  • Small adjustment to the Winchester’s ironsights.
  • TEC-9 is now a secondary weapon.
  • M16’s fire rate increased, and recoil and damage decreased.
  • HUGE damage and accuracy increased.
  • Added a few weapons from pG’s TTT server.



Originally an Admin Trainer Advisor for Prestige Gaming, David joined EdgeGamers during the Prestige Gaming merge of May 2018. He currently leads the EdgeGamers Media Team as a Senior Manager.