Mr. Boe Jangles new Division Leader for Counter-Strike

Many great news were given at last Clan Wide Meeting, but one that we are very proud of is Mr. Boe Jangles named Division Leader for Counter-Strike.

This does not means BlackAngel will be retiring from her position as Division Leader, but in her words:

“Boe will help me lead the division from here on out, and will bring in some fresh ideas. I would like to be the first person to congratulate him.”

As Advisor, Mr. Boe Jangles has been an incredible asset for the Division. After all the recent changes they had to pass through, its fair to say everyone on the Division is proud to see him step up and take the responsibilities the position have and put to use all his skills with people and his great replies at Ban Contest, for example.

Congratulations to Mr. Boe Jangles and hopefully this will bring CS Division to new horizons.

On a side note:

Jail Server has been doing pretty great for the past couple weeks, with ratings surprising the most skeptical regarding if Jail could survive its past decline:

As Aug 15:


  • Daily: #355 (+18)
  • Month-to-Date: (+768)
  • Year-to-Date: (+2,505)

Thank you everyone for the great effort you guys have put to rescue Jail and place it among the best 500 worldwide. We can do even better with your support.



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