Minecraft Survival Reset Soon

For those who were growing tired of the old EdgeGamers Minecraft survival map and for those wishing for the server to be upgraded to 1.12, the time has come! The Minecraft division survival server will be reset Sunday, October 8th (time TBD). The new map, called Mu, will have 1.12 content such as llamas, terracotta, etc available for use. Also, as a small easter egg, MC leadership imported a special place from one of the most beloved game franchises to use as this map’s survival spawn. Can you guess which game it is from?

In addition to a new survival map, MC leadership has managed another surprise. Thanks to Witch_Doctor and Minecraft’s own Zane, we will be adding a Feed the Beast Sky Factory 3 server. How will this work? In order to able to switch to the FTB server, players will need a Forge launcher with the Sky Factory 3 mod loaded. The Legacy launcher is also a possible option to connect to the server. Players will then be able to connect to the Sky Factory server on our main IP.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to speak with MC leadership in TeamSpeak or submit a Drop Box thread. We look forward to seeing you!


A part of EdgeGamers since May 2008, Austin has been a part of many aspects of our community. After leading the Counter-Strike Division, Austin was brought up to the Community Manager rank in March 2011, and later accepted the rank of Chief Operations Officer in July 2014.