Minecraft Realism Server

Have you ever played on our Minecraft Survival Server before? If you have, then we have a surprise for you! How about a brand new server? This new server is another Survival Server, except it is 100% custom build by our Tech Community Manager, Agent6262. This map consists of mainly jungle and ocean.

The map is on Hard mode. This makes survival much more challenging and fun! It gives players a more realistic and survival type feel when playing. It’s more about surviving in this server than anything else. Teaming up really helps you defeat this purpose, to some extent, so you can work on your building. You can play solo, however, Teaming just gives many great opportunities to build and work on your houses and builds.

How does one connect to this server, you might ask. Well, it’s quite simple. Connect to mine.edge-gamers.com and then type /server realism. When you get there it will spawn you on our, what we like to call, “main spawn island.” This spot is lit up so you don’t have to worry about mobs killing you off the bat.

With that, there is a mineworld. This world can be accessed via /warp mineworld. You can use /warp spawn to get back to the main island. This world is for mining for resources, finding the end portal, and destroying as much as you need to help you in the main world. We would like to preserve the main world as much as possible, so we made a mineworld. Don’t get confused, yes you CAN destroy the main world, it’s just that’s the exact purpose for mineworld. Also, be warned now, there is nothing in the main world that pertains to mining resources. If you mine down, the only thing you will find is stone.

We are giving this server a shot to see if people like it. To enhance your experience, Agent6262 recommends this texture pack. Scroll down to the 1.10.2 version and download the left side. Also, if you have awesome pictures you’d like to show everyone, make sure to post them in the Minecraft Screenshots thread.

If you have any questions about the server, contact anyone in Minecraft Leadership, Agent6262, or anyone of our Minecraft players that might be on the server.


A part of EdgeGamers since May 2008, Austin has been a part of many aspects of our community. After leading the Counter-Strike Division, Austin was brought up to the Community Manager rank in March 2011, and later accepted the rank of Chief Operations Officer in July 2014.