Minecraft: New Factions Beta Server

Over the last few months, many members of EdgeGamers have mentioned interest for a Minecraft Factions server. Minecraft Leadership has been discussing the possibility of this idea for awhile, going through many talks about gameplay, plugins, and what players would enjoy the most. After many meetings and planning internally, Minecraft Leadership is now opening their new Minecraft Factions Beta Server for public play!

The new factions beta server can be found by going to mine.edge-gamers.com and typing /server factions in your text box. It is highly recommended that you read over the Minecraft post made about the factions server here: https://www.edge-gamers.com/forums/showthread.php?322321-Factions-Beta-Server. Reading through the thread will give you a full understanding of the “beta”, the rules of the server, and a useful command guide to help players start their adventure within the server.

With this server, it is being released in beta. Beta means that there will be issues that arise, changes to the server, and possible changes to the gameplay. Minecraft Leadership is aware that issues will arise and will need help from the players to report the issues. Any bugs and/or suggestions players have for the factions beta server should be addressed in this forum section.

If anyone has any questions about the server, you can find Minecraft Leadership in-game, on Teamspeak, or private message them on the forums.


Originally apart of Prestige Gaming as a Quality Assurance Advisor, Vincent joined EGO in May 2018 following the community merge. Vincent serves as the Director of Operations here at EdgeGamers and ensures the success of our servers, administration team, and anything in-between.