Minecraft APPS Accepting Members

Back on February 22, 2015, one of the members of the Minecraft Division introduced a new program to the event team called Acefire’s Personal Panda Squad (APPS). If you couldn’t tell, the person who created this team was Acefire.

The team was created to help build, test, and find flaws in maps. The team was made so that the Event Coordinators could work on hosting the events and making the backend of the events work while the APPS members work on building the maps. Yes, you could just be promoted to an Event Coordinator and do this, but Event Coordinators have too much to handle so this team was created.

This team is a great way for you to get noticed within the Minecraft Division and the EGO Community. You get to see the behind the scenes of how we make Minecraft events and are there to help with it too!

If you ask any of our current or former APPS members, they will hopefully all tell you it’s a blast. You need to be professional when you are working, but there is plenty of room to have fun with what you are doing. When you join the team, you are treated as part of the event and Minecraft family that we have created.

If you are wondering how to apply to APPS, please follow this post. It will give you a bit more information and how to follow the correct procedures to apply.

Hope to see everyone at events and good luck to anybody who applies for APPS!