Members of the Year 2019

Member of the Year 2019: Leadership – SmeaR
Ensuring that EdgeGamers continues moving forward is a necessary task of all Leadership Members. However, those who keep the lights on through their extensive Technical work behind the scenes take on a major responsibility that only few can handle. Since stepping into a supervisory role of our Tech Team, this individual has excelled connecting many aspects of the community to keep our services in prime condition. Utilizing both great organizational and communication skills, our Tech Team is succeeding more prominently compared to years past. It’s not an easy task taking on the weight of ALL of the games eGO supports along with the various development projects that go on behind the scenes. The Tech Team and EdgeGamers could not have done it with ease in the last year without the efforts of SmeaR. This exceptional service and dedication is the reason we are honored to present SmeaR the Leadership Member of the Year.

Member of the Year 2019: Member Services – RipplyTiger151
All throughout 2019 RipplyTiger was a massive help to the Member Services’ team. Although mostly in the background, even if he was at work, he would still respond and support in a very timely manner. Most times you can’t get that from many other members. He was dedicated to EdgeGamers, and still is even though he can’t let it take up as much as he’s now pursuing a career outside of eGO. We appreciate his constant efforts throughout 2019 to make sure Member Services was the best it could be.

Member of the Year 2019: Battlefield – Major Trubble
Major Trubble exemplifies what it is to be a member of EdgeGamers. From being on the Bad Company 2 server almost every day, even while working twelve hour shifts. He’s always helping to seed the server and assisting other members (even when there is a language barrier). He follows the EdgeGamers protocols masterfully and knows when to let leadership handle a situation. It is these reasons we see fit to award him the Battlefield Member of the Year award.

Member of the Year 2019: Counter-Strike – Jacko
Over the past year, this player has proven himself to be an integral part of the EdgeGamers Counter-Strike community. Whether it is his extreme dedication to our servers (mainly losing credits on Jail), training our admins to keep the troublemakers out and mentor the gems or just being a friendly face around the community for others to look up to. You will always find this player going out of his way to make sure our community is a fun environment for everyone to play at. Counter-Strike would not be in the same spot that it is in now if it weren’t for this young man. It is for these reasons that we would like to award Jacko with the Counter-Strike Member of the Year.[/COLOR]

Member of the Year 2019: Grand Theft Auto – Jeremy Duck
When someone thinks about loyalty and dedication to our Grand Theft Auto FiveM server, one person stood out above the rest. Jeremy has been a staple in our community since the start of 2019. He continued to show the same level of dedication and support for our server before, during and after the big reset. Whether it be helping the Police Department overhaul itself into the booming and bustling group we know and love today or patrolling and helping Admin our servers. Jeremy has always been someone we can count on. For all these reasons and more, it is our pleasure to announce Jeremy Duck the Grand Theft Auto Member of the Year.

Member of the Year 2019: Minecraft – Ashton Green
Ashton has been a dedicated member for a long time, and his love for the server runs almost as deep as his love for sports cars. Anyone who’s spent any amount of time in our servers knows he will always offer help to those who need it. Whether it be with redstone machines or simply gathering items. With an easygoing personality and a strong will, it’s no wonder why he makes friends so quickly. That being said, he still loves to put leadership in boxes or push them off a ledge when they’re not looking. We also look forward to a dad joke in his speech. For these reasons and more, it’s with great pleasure that present ashtongreen00 with the Minecraft Member of the Year award.

Member of the Year 2019: Team Fortress 2 – Gay Jay
When we look at the 2019 year as a whole, we can see a constant throughout all of the year. This player has been a staple at events and continues to help the Leadership team test and find bugs while generally assisting wherever he can. Although not necessary yet highly appreciated, he also donates most of the prize rewards for our events program. GayJay has been that constant. This in addition to being really good with his Direct Hit, one shot spies and generally destroy us in leadership. We’re excited to have Gay Jay as our Team Fortress 2 Member of the Year.

Member of the Year 2019: Media – Mom
Mom joined Media Team in March of 2019 and has been a valuable asset since then. He has excelled in his assigned tasks and has proven to be a reliable source of input and writing material, of which anyone can witness through our news articles. Whether the project is a large collaboration between many groups or simply a short paragraph, mom has shown time and time again their ability to contribute to their completion. For this dedication to the Media Team’s endeavors, and for their interest in providing excellent content for their fellow community members, we present Mom the Media Member of the Year award.


A part of EdgeGamers since May 2008, Austin has been a part of many aspects of our community. After leading the Counter-Strike Division, Austin was brought up to the Community Manager rank in March 2011, and later accepted the rank of Chief Operations Officer in July 2014.