Meet the Leadership – Johnny

“Johnny’s first approach on things: Well my real name is Stephen, I’m from the grand ol’ state of Arkansas, I spend almost all of my time working, gaming, and pooping.”

Pooping is part of a happy life. That is a fact. Let’s see what else Johnny can share with us about how to be happy.

Q: So, just to piss you off: TF2 and LoL had a baby, they named it Overwatch. Understatement?

Oh Blizzard totally ripped those two games off. There’s no denying that. But there’s also no denying that it’s probably top 3 best multiplayer FPS out there now, under Battlefield and CS:GO.

Q: What can we expect for March on your division?

The main goal is to have fun and grow. We are exploring ways of recruiting players into our community through Overwatch. We are also looking to host more fun events with possible prizes. Also Edge Gamers is participating in a 6v6 tournament hosted by Hells Gamers that is similar to the CS divisions Battle of the Communities. Stay tuned for more information on that!

Q: Are you streaming the competition, Johnny?

That has yet to be determined. I know they have somebody wanting to stream it and I don’t want to take away from their stream. We will definitely record it, though!

Aaron if you are reading this (Which I’ll make sure you do): STREAM OVERWATCH, Johnny and the guys need you, man.

Q: What do you for work?

I work for HPE being a glorified secretary.

Q: Do you know the difference between a Macchiato and a Regular Coffee? DO YOU?!

No but Google does!

Q: That is a skill that I’d look for when hiring a CEO

I will find out the difference and notate it on my résumé!

Q: And what about your Sundays? what do u do those days

I like to spend time with my family on Sundays. I might game a little but I try to give as much time as possible to them on that day.

Q: Imagine its 7am sunday. Light is barely reaching your room; someone rings the bell on your front door. You hardly can stand up to go see who’s there and what is up.

You open the door and something like this is at the porch.

Who, in a very infernal voice, asks you “Excuse me, sir? Do you have a minute to talk about our lord and saviour Satan?”

What do you do?

Simple. I would reach into my invisible infinite arsenal of weapons and pull out my BFG and tell him “I’m sorry but please remove me from your list.” as I blow him into 1000 pieces.

Q: But what if it had some valuable information for you to acquire?

Oops. Guess I’ll have to load from last save…

*Last Save Loaded*

Simple. I would reach into my invisible infinite arsenal of weapons and pull out my BFG and ask him “Do you have any valuable information for me to acquire?” before blowing him into 1000 pieces.

(OK sounds fair)

Q: That monster, I do not believe it will be happy with the enforcing you are pushing in the conversation, so lets pretend it asks you to calm the hell down and leaves for good. Believe it or not, demon spawn are not always fond to unreal levels of violence.

At 7am on a Sunday that’s all I have to offer.

(I wouldn’t even ask tbh, m8)

Q: Doom 2016, have you played it?

Not yet but I saw a co-worker playing it and I watched him for a bit. I do own the game, though.

(It is a must play on your Bucket List, my friend)

Q: What did you on Valentines? is there someone special for Johnny?

Yes! I spent time with my girlfriend at the house.

Q: Does she games?

Some. She played all the Mass Effect games and she likes Skyrim; usually entertains herself with other things. She has a horse named Reba that takes up a lot of her time.


Stay tuned for the upcoming review of Doom (2016) & Overwatch Division competitive matches.


SigmaMX (AKA SigmaTaurus) joined eGO on 2009, starting on the CS:S Division, later on contributing on the Media Division with Streaming, Articles, News and the Frag of the Day. Appointed Media Advisor, he supervises the Social Networks and keeps public projects running.