Meet the CA: Member Services

EdgeGamers is a growing community, with applications from new members being submitted everyday. To process these applications, we have the Member Services (MS) team, a group of dedicated eGO members who go through these applications and see if the users who submit them are up to eGO standards. When these applications are accepted, MS members help these new recruits find their way around the community, and answer any questions that they may have. MS is also beginning to host fun events that members of our community can enjoy, in games that might not even have EdgeGamers support. MS also helps our community grow by promoting recruitment and bringing in new members to EdgeGamers.

If this sounds interesting, feel free to check out the following interviews with MS Members:


And if you’re interested in joining MS, make sure to contact a MS Leadership member.


Originally in Prestige Gaming as a part of the Event Coordinator Team, Timothy joined EGO in May 2018 in result of the community merger. As of right now, he currently resides as the video production manager of the Media Team since November 2018.