Meet LucidSound’s Beautiful LS20 Headset

ls20_1Hello beautiful! LucidSound, who we recently published in our GameStop Expo 2016 review, just launched a new gaming headset that is set to shake up the market. The LS20 Amplified Universal Gaming Headset is here to change the market and the way people look at gaming headphones. The LS20 is said to deliver powerful, amplified gaming audio and a strikingly beautiful design. The part about the beautiful design may be true, the jury is still out on powerful and amplified sound though.

As a sub-$100 headset LucidSound set out to make a strong product that can provide amazing sound, pack great functionality, while being extremely affordable. Amplified and passive modes make the headset great for gamers looking for the best sound while also making it extremely useful away from the computer. After you’re done gaming plug the LS20 into a smart phone for added control in answering calls, modifying sound or muting the onboard mic, and control your music playback.

Our debut headset was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews from media and gamers alike and we’re pleased to expand our range through the shipping of our LS20, a product designed to disrupt the category with quality and a feature set previously unseen at this price point.
Many gamers are drawn to the idea of a premium gaming headset, but are reluctant or unable to spend above a certain threshold. There are limited quality options available to the gamer below $100 and we think the LS20 provides the perfect balance of quality and affordability. Our audio engineers have worked tirelessly to deliver best-in-class audio, intuitive controls and simple, beautiful aesthetics that allow gamers to enjoy the headset throughout their daily lives. We believe that this simple but enticing package will allow us to grow our market share and expand our global footprint as we head into the holidays.
Chris Von Huben, LucidSound CEO

The LucidSound LS20 will be available on Amazon October 11.


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