Meet the Leadership – Mr. Boe Jangles

“(Jail) =(eGO)= Mr. Boe Jangles: Come fill Jail!”

Seen thrice a day, 7 days a week.

As eGO starts 2017 with amazing announcements like this addition of a new Community Manager and the 2016 Member of the Year Awards, the Counter-Strike Division decides to welcome a new member as an Advisor, someone who has been with us since 2009 and who is well-known in the community for his skills with people and his passion for the Jail Server.

Mr. Boe Jangles. We talked about his experiences with the community as part of the Leadership, Frozen and Watch Dogs 2.

=(eGO)= SigmaMX: Thank you, Mr. Boe Jangles, for this quick interview, please tell us a thing or two about yourself.

=(eGO)= Mr. Boe Jangles: Well, I am almost 27 years old. I live in Nashville, TN and I spend a lot of my time living on a tour bus. I am an audio engineer who travels all across America and fly all over the world running sound for concerts and live events!

Q: How cold is it in Nashville these days? like snowy cold or not so much?

A: Not very cold. It is pretty mild – mid 40-50’s most days recently. The snow should be coming soon though!


Q: Well, let me know when it comes, because I’d love to build a snowman. It doesn’t has to be a snowman, though.

A: You can! You can come visit where I grew up outside of Boston, MA and there will be snow for sure!


I was expecting you to reject me like Elsa [OK, bye….. :’-( ] but since you are such a nice dude, jokes over. Thank you… Moving on! When you were invited to be part of the Leadership of the CS Division, who gave you the big news?

A: I was asked by Legend if I had some time later, meaning 4 hours or 3 minutes, he asked me if I would like to accept a position on the leadership team.


Q: Did you feel butterflies on your stomach? was it magical?

A: It was really great! It feels really awesome to have been noticed for all the hard work you do, and that was definitely the moment that I knew that I actually doing good work and not just annoying everyone. Hahaha!


Q: Tell me, besides CS games, what else do you play?

A: I have played a few other games, but for the most part It has been CS. I have 4000 hours in CS:S and I’m working fast to get my numbers up in CS:GO with just about 700. A few years ago I had played Battlefield BC2 and a little and I used to play TF2 and TF:C wayyy back in the day. Possibly before some eGO members were even walking.

(BTW who is our youngest member on eGO? A question that will be taken care of some other time.)

Q: Are you familiar with the Ubisoft’s franchise: Watch Dogs?

A: Not at all, hahaha!

(Figures. 4,700 hours on Counter-Strike and travelling constantly, who has time to play something else?)

It’s a Third Person Shooter Sandbox in which we all live in a super advanced world where corporations and government control every device we own, from smartphones to cars, and they are all connected into a big ass network that several groups of hackers access to either do good stuff or just be plain mean. The main attribute of this game is that everything you can hack you can do it mainly through your personal phone. Here’s the Launch Trailer.

Q: If you had a phone with the power to hack on any software or hardware, whatever the purpose, name things you’d definitely do with it: one pro the weakest and the other one on your personal benefit.

A: I would create a program that would access bad guys’ mobile bank apps and give their money to charities and foundations that will end world hunger and thirst (and give 0.5% to me, LOL).

(At least he's looking to ensure the operational costs!)

Q: Imagine you are invited by a hacking group to give away your processing power in order for them to increase their capabilities to destroy a corporation as big as any you think of at this moment, which is exactly the concept of Watch Dogs 2, a game that we will review in the coming days, would you agree? considering there is no legal risk whatsoever, you just install a few programs on your equipment and there!, you are now part of the R3V0LVT10N.

A: I don’t know man. I think I like to know and understand something before I agree to join a cause. I am all about learning and I love to understand new things! I wouldn’t mind maybe trying to learn from them, but I wouldn’t just allow someone to do what they want with my stuff.


Would you let a famous group of Hackers access your processing power and contribute on the downfall of the evil ctOS 2.0?

More about it soon.


SigmaMX (AKA SigmaTaurus) joined eGO on 2009, starting on the CS:S Division, later on contributing on the Media Division with Streaming, Articles, News and the Frag of the Day. Appointed Media Advisor, he supervises the Social Networks and keeps public projects running.

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