Media Team Recruitment

EdgeGamers has had an awesome 2019 so far, with tons of updates for our supported games and events around the community which can be easily viewed through our news posts. But, have you ever noticed that the majority of EdgeGamers’ articles feature a custom image?

A lot of work goes into making our community articles interesting, engaging, and fun! Our Media Team consists of just under 15 people. When you factor in that we have a news post almost every day, that’s a ton of responsibility for those individuals.

We need Media members! Our current team statistics are as stands:
Writers – ~4 People
Artists – ~2 People
Video – ~4 People
Social – ~2 People

Media Team is an excellent way to help our the community. Additionally, getting your foot into opportunities around the community is a great way to build your reputation and open a door to new possibilities for yourself.

Please consider applying! We are in need of:
Social Media – You will help post to Instagram / Twitter / Facebook. 
Artist – You will assist with designing graphics for different community announcements or activities.
Video – You will help develop video related projects around the community. Interviewer, Editor, etc
Writer – You will help write articles and produce general writing-related content for the community.

Interested? Make an application here:
Media Team Application


Originally an Admin Trainer Advisor for Prestige Gaming, David joined EdgeGamers during the Prestige Gaming merge of May 2018. He currently leads the EdgeGamers Media Team as a Senior Manager.