Media Leadership Promotions


Valence has been an amazing Leadership member ever since he stepped up to lead the Writers for Media Team. He has stuck with the Media Team through thick and thin, proving himself more than worthy as a Leader. Day and night, Valence tirelessly keeps EdgeGamers updated with news, a task very few can do. Because of Valence’s longtime dedication to EdgeGamers, we are proud to bestow upon him the rank of Senior Manager.


Ever since Arbiter took hold of the EdgeGamers Media Team, we have seen nothing but excellence at its finest. Day after day, Arbiter exhibits exceptional leadership qualities, those that every leader should strive to achieve. Not only is Arbiter an irreplaceable addition to the Media Team, he is a great guy to have around Counter-Strike as well. Because of Arbiter’s dashing looks, as well as his dedicated service to this community, we are indescribably proud to bestow upon him the rank of Community Manager.


Originally an Admin Trainer for Prestige Gaming, Coder joined EdgeGamers during the Prestige Gaming merge of May 2018. He is currently supporting our Media Team as a Manager.