Medal of Honor Recipients August 2016

Our community has a large inventory of awards and achievements, all of which are important tools for recognizing the innovation, hard work, and dedication of our members. While each decoration is thoughtfully handed out, none is more carefully considered than the Medal of Honor.  A few times a year our Community Management team discusses candidates eligible for the award. After careful discussion, we find the members a part of our team who are truly deserving of one of our most prestigious recognition.

With great respect and appreciation we would like to present the following members the Medal of Honor.


The decision to promote a member to leadership is never taken lightly and it’s rare for a member with only a couple years of service to rise to the upper ranks in EGO. However, alex2142hp has always been an exemplary member. He’s been a clear leader for the BF division since joining in September of 2014. Early on he was always available to help members with the game and give the heads up on new features coming out. As an early admin, no hacker made it past his watchful eye, and our servers were safe in his hands. alex was a go-to leader and voice of authority even before his promo to Advisor. Since then, the Directors have valued his advice and wisdom as the division has continued to grow. We appreciate and value his dedication and standard of excellence for EGO and are happy to award the Medal of Honor.


In six years of service as an Advisor and now Division Leader, Tipton has spent ample amounts of time and dedication leading our Battlefield division. His repeated efforts to make a positive difference in our Battlefield servers and players show the reason he has had much success in his tenure as a leader. His reach expands outside of growing the Battlefield servers. Taking on further responsibilities assisting member retention through the New Member Experience, providing important insight to policy and change to our community, he has never stopped working for the betterment of EGO. We are excited to recognize his efforts by awarding the Medal of Honor.


A part of EdgeGamers since May 2008, Austin has been a part of many aspects of our community. After leading the Counter-Strike Division, Austin was brought up to the Community Manager rank in March 2011, and later accepted the rank of Chief Operations Officer in July 2014.

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